Saturday 13 August 2016

Colourpop x Jenn im Collab Jenn Ne Sais Quad Review and Swatches

Hello Beauties,

Today's post is about the Gorgeous Colourpop  and Jenn im quad I love the colours in this Quad so much I just had to share my thoughts with you on this.

Here is the Quad and the Swatches the lighting isn't that great though and don't really do the shadows the justice that they deserve.
Trust me though when I say they are Beautiful this is the Second Set of shadows that I have tried and they are just beautiful to work with. so smooth and creamy they apply just Beautifully

I have only used this quad once but wanted to share my thoughts on it firstly the Packaging of these little Collaborations that Colour pop do is just so Cute.

The Shadows themselves aren't like any other shadow that I have used before they come in these little pots and there almost on a Cushion they feel really Cool to the touch.

I think with the Colour Choice that Colour Pop & Jenn im  is just Perfect for Everyday there not too Bold these are the shadows I would use for a nice daytime look.

A little bit more about the Shadows that I used I really wish I had a photo to show you of the look I created I have a video for you tube that I have filmed I just didn't think to take any photos apart from the ones of the actual shadows. 

The video will probably go up next week so keep an eye out for that on my channel I will leave the link down below so you can show me some love :)

I would really love for you all to go and check out my channel I have only just gone back onto You Tube after 19 months was so surreal.

My You Tube Channel

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If you don't know this was a Collab with a  You Tuber and I will be honest I hadn't even watched her channel before I saw this quad then I grew Curious and decided to take a look and watch a few of her videos mainly regarding this quad to see if it was worth buying or not.

After seeing the Swatches I decided to buy it the Swatches on You Tube did it no Justice the Shadows are so Pigmented

Here is how I used the Shadows

Firstly I used DEUX  it's a really lovely brown shadow perfect for the Crease then I used TROIS which is my second Favourite shadow from this Quad and put that in my Outer V and made sure that these 2 Shadows were Blended out seamlessly before I applied the Lid Colour which by the way is my Favourite from the Quad it's just Stunning to look at never mind put down on the eye lid that's in the Shade UN.

UN is a Cream coloured shadow with shimmer in a Metallic Finish
DEUX is a Brown almost milk chocolate colour in a Satin Finish
TROIS is a Cranberry colour in a satin finish
QUATRE is a deep brown in a Matte Finish

The only shadow in this Quad that I didn't use when I used the Shadows for the first time was QUATRE.
I have since swatched it for this Blog Post and I think it would make a really nice liner colour or a great shade to smoke out the Lower lash line or deepen out the Crease colour. I might try that out next time

I have just remembered that I did actually take a couple of photos when I did the eye look with this Quad the lighting wasn't perfect because it was late at night when I filmed.
I really need to sort my lighting out maybe get a ring light or something.

This is the eye look that I created using this Quad I really like all these Shadows in the Quad I think it's a good way to try Colour pops eye shadows if you have never tried them before as you get to try the Different Finishes of the Eyeshadows