Saturday 20 August 2016

Sephora Smoothing and Mattifying Primer First Impressions

Hello Beauties,

When I was in Portugal I forgot both my Foundation and my Primer so I was glad when I found a Sephora and I got to pick up a new Primer and Foundation and it's always nice to try new Products that are not Accessible in the U.K

I am going to talk about the Foundation that I picked up in the next post since you need a good Primer to put on before you put your Foundation on I thought what better place to start.

I didn't actually realise this was a Mattifying Primer as well as it being a Smoothing Primer. I used this for the First time yesterday and to be honest when I was applying it to my face I wasn't that convinced as it's an oil and oils can sometimes make my skin look greasy.

When the Primer is first applied it does feel a little Greasy after a few minutes though it dries down to a nice Matte Finish.

A little of this Primer goes a long way so you don't need a lot which is good as it is only a small bottle. You only get 15ML normally the Primers I have come in a slightly bigger bottle 25/30 ML I thought this was the perfect size to Travel with though.

Once the Primer has dried down and you put your Foundation on your Foundation just glides on so Smoothly and gives the Foundation that you apply something to Adhere to.

The Packaging of this Primer is very Sleek I think all Sephora Products are it comes in a nice Frosted Glass Bottle with a Pump which is nice I hate using Foundations without Pumps because you always end up wasting more Product so I would have hated for this Primer to come in this Bottle but without no Pump (Rant Over)

I like that once my Foundation had dried I got a really nice Matte Finish but at the same time I had a nice Dewy looking Glow to my Foundation which I am going to talk about in my next post otherwise this would be so long as I can talk Forever about my Favourite subject which of course is Make- Up