Sunday 21 August 2016

Sephora Brightening and Hydrating Foundation First Impressions

Hello Beauties,

I mentioned in the previous post Sephora Smoothing & Mattifying Primer Post. that I would be doing a separate post on the Foundation that I bought from Sephora and like with the Primer I used it for the first time yesterday.

This is such a nice foundation it's really good for my Dehydrated Skin and it gives me that whole Dewy Glow Fresh Faced Look.

It's an Oil Free Foundation so it doesn't leave your Face feeling Greasy and when used with the Primer it leaves your face feeling smooth and matte but at the same time it gives a nice natural glow.

This foundation is Long Wearing I had it on for 7 Hours yesterday and when I went to take it off it looked pretty much the same as when I first applied it.

It's Medium to Full Coverage the only thing I don't like is what I didn't like with the Primer is the amount of Product that you get. With this Foundation you only get 20ML I have never known a Foundation that gives you so Little Product. With all my Foundations they all come with 30ML of Product so to get 10ML less may not seem like that a big deal but in terms of Product it is.

On First Impressions though I really do like this foundation I am going to be using it for a couple more weeks and they do a full review on it see if I can find any more negatives and what the positives are to this foundation.