Monday 22 August 2016

A Gift From Australia

Hello Beauties,

When I woke up this morning I didn't realise I would be writing this post but I woke up to a surprise package in my letterbox they are always the best kind of surprises aren't they?

I was planning on writing about the last couple of Products that I got when I went to Sephora which I will write about in my next post.

My best friend lives in Australia and loves make-up and beauty as much as I do and I can remember talking to her a long time ago about the brand Australis which I have just wanted to try ever since I saw shaanxo use in some of her videos.

I wanted to try some of the Australis Products I didn't know they did these Metallic Eye Shadows

These eye shadows are just so stunning they are so me I am loving the whole Metallic look at the moment.

These eye shadows are the typical colours that I tend to gravitate towards the most so my friend has done good in choosing these colours :-).

Look how Pigmented they are it's just amazing this picture really does not do these shadows any Justice.

This is just a First Impressions Post I can't actually wait to do a Review on these Shadows. 

Along with the lovely eye shadows my friend sent me these lovely false nails....

I haven't worn False Nails in awhile because I haven't seen any designs that I like these 2 designs that my Friend picked out for me are just Stunning.

I will definitely be keeping these for Special Occasions these are really nice Peacock Feather Nails I've always liked designs like this as they do remind me of a Peacock and their Feathers are just so Beautiful.

I think these Mint Green and Silver False Nails have to be my Favourite Nails only because Mint Green is my Favourite Colour.

These are the items that I wanted to share with you I feel very lucky to have been sent them and just want to Thank my lovely friend for thinking of me at the moment with what I have been going through will mean more then you will ever know,

Have you tried any of the australis products if so what are your recommendations? I have heard the banana powder is supposed to be amazing