Thursday 19 May 2016

My Concealer Secrets Inspired by Into The Gloss ( ITG)

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are all well. 

I was recently talking to my friend from Into The Gloss  (ITG) about writing a post about the Best Concealers and writing a post about the Types of Concealer I wear and the Approach I take when Applying Concealer.    

Even though I have recently done a concealer post I haven't really gone into detail of what concealer I use for each part of my face as I use 3 different types of concealer. 

This may sound like a lot of different product and if you don't wear a lot of make up I guess it is but each concealer plays an important part in my make up routine.  
So let's get started and talk about concealers. 

The first concealer I use is a product by Seventeen called Phwoaar Concealer and I can't recommend this enough. 
I'm not sure what is going on with my face at the minute but I'm really breaking out I don't normally suffer with spots but this is so good at covering them up so if I'm having a Bad Skin Day I will normally apply this before Foundation to cover the spots and it works so well it also takes the Redness away.

I have heard this Concealer is the Highstreet Version to the Concealer by Benefit Boing same texture just much more Affordable. 

I am not sure how true that is I will have to take a look at that next time I'm in Debenhams this Concealer I use to cover any Blemishes it's too Heavy to go under the Eye Area and I find it really gets Cakey so I use a Lighter Concealer for that. 

What I also like to use this Concealer for is Touching Up because it's the same shade as my Foundation when my Foundation needs touching up it works wonders for that and it means I don't have to carry my bottle of Foundation around with me. 

I am going to talk about a few diffrent concealers in this post but this Seventeen Phwoaar Concealer is definitely a favourite if I could only have 1 concealer I would choose this one if you haven't already tried it I really would recommend it. 

Onto the next concealer I use this is something that I have loved for a long time now and just purchased my second bottle of and I don't seem to be on my own at one stage or another I think every Beauty Blogger/Vlogger has tried this it's the Maybeline Eraser Concealer what I use mine for is more of a Tidy Up. 

I do my Eyeshadow and to get that Perfect Line I go in with this Maybeline Eraser Concealer it helps clear any Fallout from the Eyeshadow and also helps tidy up my Eyeshadow. 

You can tell how much I love this Collection Concealer all the writing has worn off. It's definitely a holy grail concealer for me. 

Last but certainly not least is a fairly new Concealer that I have been trying in the last few months and that's another one that a lot of Beauty bloggers/Vloggers tend to love a few Beauty Gurus on You Tube compare it to Nars Creamy Concealer personally I'm not sure how true that is as I've not tried Nars concealer as there products are quite expensive and I go through concealer quite quickly especially this collection one. 

I love it though and this Concealer I use more to Highlight and Brighten my Under Eye Area which is working so well for me at the minute as I feel like I'm not getting much sleep at all and it gives the appearance of that wide awake look. 

This Collection Concealer though I understand why the Reviews are so good on it now as it's such a great Concealer the perfect Concealer for me to Highlight with 

What I love about all of these concealers is there all drugstore concealers so they suit everyone's budget 

I would like to think Samantha at Into The Gloss (ITG) for asking me to get involved and do this post on concealers and which ones I wear and how I use them