Thursday 2 June 2016

My Terrible Sunburn

Hello Lovelies,

This is not a post that I envisioned writing. 

I recently went on Holiday to Lagos, Portugal which was lovely it felt so nice just to get away for a week. 

What wasn't so lovely while I was over there was the terrible sunburn i got on the last day of me being in Portugal. 

On the last day of being on holiday  in Portugal we had a really late flight back our flight was only at 22.45pm we only got picked up from the Hotel at 19:10pm and we had to check out of the hotel at 12pm so me and my mum had the full day to ourselves. We decided to have one last day at the beach I just love being at the beach and the beaches in Portugal are just Lovely. 

The Weather in Portugal on that last day really didn't feel Hot at all it was very Windy there was even talk of Storms coming. 

The People that were on the beach covered themselves with towels they was that cold it didn't really feel that Hot to get this level of sunburn. 

I'm just glad that we didn't stay on the beach all day. We was on the beach for about 2 hours. 

I only noticed the sunburn hours later when we was back in the Hotel i had gotten changed out of my t-shirt and Shorts into some jeans and a nice t-shirt and I felt really sore. 

I had been Bitten by Mosquitos which is the norm when I travel which is really annoying anyway I thought maybe I'd gotten a few bites on my leg. I went to the Toilet and looked down at my leg and could not believe how Sunburnt it was. 

It was to get worse I could barely get off the plane I really struggled to walk and ever since then I've just been in so much pain. 

I have been using all sorts to soothe the pain. 

Firstly i used a lot of aftersun because that has helped with my Sunburn in the past but it didn't help at all it didn't even soothe the sunburn just made my skin look really greasy . 

So then my mums friend who had skin cancer and nearly died from it recommended Savlon so I used that for a couple of days which did help more then the Aftersun and then another one of my mums friends brought some AloeVera gel for me to use so I've been using that today and also been taking some Ibuprofen tablets to help with the pain. 

I spoke to the doctor today and he suggested if I wasn't any better tomorrow that I should pay a visit to  A&E which might be hard as I can't get any shoes on as its so painful and my foot is like 3 times its natural size but it's been like this for 5 Days now so I probably should go and get it checked out. 

Does anyone out there have any good tips for sunburn what is good to use etc. If you do please leave a comment I would really appreciate it.