Saturday 16 April 2016

W7 In The Mood Vs Urban Decay Basics Palettes

Hello Lovelies,

I am always on the look out for dupes of high end brands to review for you here on my blog as I don't always have or want to be spending £30-£40 on a eye shadow palette plus it's good if you can find an eyeshadow palette or any kind of dupe to see if you will reach for it if your happy with how it looks on your skin tone etc.

I recently bought the Urban Decay Basics Palette I had been debating for months whether to get it but I don't really have a eyeshadow palette with just matte eyeshadows like this and it's really good to travel with so I decided to buy it.

Then I was looking for something on ebay and I came across the W7 In The Mood Palette which is an exact dupe for it.

So Here are the 2 Eye Shadow Palettes on the top left is the infamous Urban Decay Basics Palette and then the top left I have tried to show how similar the colour match is by putting both eyeshadow palettes together the colour match is just so similar the W7 In The Mood Palette is a great dupe if you are on a budget or even if you don't want to pay £23.00 for 6 eye shadows when you can get the W7 In The Mood Palette from ebay for £3.95 it's quite a big difference in price.

The bottom right Is the W7 In The Mood Palette the only difference on the actual palette is that the W7 In the Mood comes in a tin and doesn't have a mirror which I don't really mind because more often then not I don't use my mirror anyway but if you apply your make-up on the go then this palette might not be for you the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette does have a mirror like all the other palettes in their collection.

In this swatch are the colours from W7 In The Mood Palette the lighter colours don't show up as well as I would like on my arm so apologies about that.
You can see the 3 darker colours fine though the consistency of each shadow is the same they are creamy but yes there is always a but isn't there as you can see in the photo they are a bit chalky but the good news is that they are completely blendable this is what I would expect from £4 eyeshadows in all honesty.

I do think this palette is worth investing if like me you want to try Urban Decay Naked Basics and your not sure if I would have seen this palette before I bought UD Naked Basics I would have definitely bought this one first as I believe it is such a great dupe.

As you can see this is the Urban Decay Basic Palette and the eyeshadows are so much creamier and go on so much better but that's Urban decay for you I have a few of their palettes now and I love every one of them.

The pigmentation of these shadows is definitely better there is no question of that but when you try the W7 In the Nude Palette you literally can't tell a difference the only thing you would have to do is use more eye shadow to get the colour pay off you want.

The clear winner is Urban Decay they are known for their shadows I think W7 have done a really good job making this dupe though and wanted to do this review for people like myself who are not aware that W7 have done a dupe for this Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette there is also a W7 In The City Palette which is a dupe for Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette which I think I am going to try.

I think these dupe W7 palettes are great palettes to try before you invest so much money into the Urban Decay palettes because they are costly and also these are great if you are a beginner in make-up or you are on a budget or if you have better things to spend your money on then make-up :-).

Have you tried the W7 Palettes what are your thoughts on them?