Friday 29 April 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette and Revolution Glastonberry Lipstick

Hello Lovelies,

I recently made my first order with Charlotte Tilbury mainly for the new palette  Instant Look In A Palette The Five Minute Face On The Go. which I just think is a great palette to travel with as it has everything you need for your Face Make-Up. 

I've heard only good things about Charlotte Tilbury Products so when I saw this palette I really wanted to try it.

I've heard really good things about the Charlotte Tilbury Swish & Pop Blushers, Also her Bronzer & Highlight. 

The Eye Shadows in this Palette are really nice as well. 
I wasn't too sure when I first started using the Eye Shadows they just didn't seem to be showing up on my eyes especially the Champagne Coloured Enhance Shade. 

I realised that it was the Eye Primer that I was using I've been using Urban Decay Primer Potion I know everyone loves this not me it just doesn't seem to work on my eyes. 

I've tried the Original one and I also got 4 Samples of the other Primer Potions That Urban Decay do and I had no luck with that either. 

I found it quite strange that the lighter colours were just not showing up on my Eyelids so I thought I would try and get a different Primer to see if it would make any difference. 

I bought a Collection one which I'll be reviewing on my blog very soon but so far so good. I'm sure this Collection Eye Shadow Primer is new I've never seen it before when I been shopping in Superdrug.

My Eyeshadow shows up a lot more when I use this and is not Creasing like it was when I was using Urban Decays Primer Potion  I am glad I tried it the Enhance Shade is just showing up so much more on my eyelids then it was before 

I Love the Bronzer In this Palette it does have a bit of Shimmer to it it gives you a really lovely Natural Glow I don't think you could do a Strong Contour without using a really heavy hand with this Bronzer but I don't think it's meant for that it's meant to  just give you that nice lovely Bronzed Holiday Glow that's what I got it for anyway . 

I'll probably take my Olivia Palermo Ciate Bronzer/Blusher in the shade Buff that makes a really good Contour Shade for me. 

These Swish & Pop Blushers in this Palette are to dye for I normally go in with the Swish Shade and the Pop Shade after it gives you such a Beautiful Glow . 

The Highlight is the best thing in the whole Palette in my opinion I just love it the Glow that you get off this Highlight is just gorgeous. 

I have only good things to say about this Charlotte Tilbury Palette now that I have tried the Eye Shadows with a different Eye Primer this is a Product i would definitely recommend if you want a Palette to Travel with this is ideal its Compact with a Big Mirror so perfect for on the go and literally has everything you need for your Day Make-Up and if you don't like your Night Make-Up Heavy it's really good for that too as you can just Smoke your look up by using some more of the Smoke Shade and making your look a little bit more Dramatic that doesn't really work for me as when I go out in the Evening I like a little bit more of a Dramatic Look I'd like to switch the Enhance Shade for maybe a nice Gold or Copper on the Eyelid so I may have to take either a couple of Single Eyeshadows or a small palette so I have an evening option other then that I think it's a lovely palette and worth every penny if its within your Budget. 

I thought as the Eye Shadows were so light in Colour i would try one of Charlotte Tilburys darker Lipsticks as this is another thing that everyone talks about. 

I chose to get a Matte Shade as I'm really getting into Matte Lipsticks at the minute it's from the Revolution Range in the colour Glastonberry which looked Beautiful on the Charlotte Tilbury Website and thought it would look good with the Eye Shadows that are in the Palette

However when the Parcel came with the Palette and the Lipstick it looked so Dark almost Black I was actually scared to try it and when i did I still wasn't sure but as I've been wearing it more and more I'm beginning to love it more and more I'm really pleased I got it . 

I normally struggle with Matte Lipsticks the Formula I find Is just too drying for my lips but now with these Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks I really like the formula of them and would definitely get some more in the future. 

The Customer Service at Charlotte Tilbury is so good I placed my order on the 18th April literally the day the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette came out and my Parcel was with me the very Next Day I couldn't believe the Palette was even in stock let alone in my hands the very next Evening as I chose Standard Shipping. 

A few of my friends ordered this weeks ago and still didn't receive it when I got mine you would think that it was on a first come first serve kind of basis. 

When I placed this order I was allowed to choose Two Samples I have heard good things about the Magic Foundation so I chose that and I chose one of the Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipsticks those Reviews will be coming soon 

    Sorry about the lighting but I decided to take some photos at the last minute and insert them into
    this post.
    Excuse the windswept hair the weather has just been awful this last week you wouldn't think we
    was nearly in May.
   I really do like this Palette the more and more I am using it the Shadows blend seamlessly together
   I love the Bronzer, Blush and Highlight shades and think this Lipstick looks great with this look
   Definitely an evening look for me.

Have you tried this Palette Yet if do what are your thoughts ? 

Which is your Favourite Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick do you have any Recommendations ?