Monday 11 April 2016

Battle Of The Foundations George Super Boost Foundation VS Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

Hi Lovelies,

Hope you are all well,

I recently went to Asda and had a look  at their Make-Up Section I didn't actually realise that George had brought out their own make-up brand.

I was immediately drawn to a foundation which is called George Super Boost Foundation which to me just screams DUPE for the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum so I was really interested in trying this foundation and actually quite excited too as the price point was so low it was just £4.

This is the George Super Boost Foundation I got the lightest shade because I am so fair skinned this colour is ivory which I normally get if they don't have Porcelain which they didn't so I decided to get this shade as every other foundation that I have gotten which has been ivory has been fine.

So as usual I did my daily Skincare Routine which I am going to talk about in another post and I used the Nivea Sensitive Post Balm which everyone has been raving about as a Primer.
 I've not been using it for that long I will give a review on that when I have used it a bit longer.

I went onto use this foundation afterwards and it came up way too dark on me it looked orange and it was extremely patchy which i'm not sure why maybe it was the Nivea Sensitive Post Balm but I would have thought that would make it look better not worse and that's not happened to me before and I have been testing this Nivea Sensitive Post Balm with quite a few of my different foundations.

This foundation just looked awful on me if you have fair skin I would recommend not buying it. It just does not look good on fair skin which is such a shame as I had high expectation for this foundation.

I then had an idea my mum was visiting so I thought I would try this foundation on her without any of the Skincare Routine I had used on myself and NO PRIMER and it didn't streak it blended in so nicely to my mum's skin it just looked like her natural skin but covered blemishes such as Redness and enlarged pores with this foundation you can't see any of the Redness or her enlarged pores so if you do get the right shade for your Skin tone which I have to be honest I think they only had about 4 shades which is another thing that isn't great but if you can find your shade I do think it's worth trying.

My mum's skin tone is a lot warmer then mine and that is probably why it worked so much better for her.

How similar does the George Super Boost Foundation look to the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum if you look at the Shades in the photo they look very similar but on my Skin tone the Super Boost Foundation just does not work for me.

Another thing I really didn't like about this Super Boost Foundation was the Pump it was just awful you couldn't control how much of the Foundation came out of the Pump and every time you pressed the Pump it went everywhere at one point it was on my bathroom wall.

I don't know if it was just a bad pump that came with this foundation or if all the foundation pumps were like this.

I will be giving this foundation to my mum as it really does suit her skin type but for me personally
I would give this foundation a 1/10.  I hate giving bad reviews but on myself it was that dark I had to take it straight off my skin and start my whole skincare routine and apply my make-up from scratch.

On anyone else that has a darker complexion It might be one that you want to try and I really don't want to put you off trying it.
After all getting the correct foundation is about trial and error and these are just my own personal thoughts on this product.

I think I will try it again when I don't have any primer on and see how it works but for me this is definitely one to avoid and I will say the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum is definetely the winner of the  battle of foundations in this round.

Have you tried this George Super Boost Foundation If So what were your thoughts?

Thanks for reading as always