Wednesday 6 April 2016

My Experience At Dior

Hello Lovelies,

I have been meaning to write this post now for a couple of weeks but life has just been so hectic of late and I've been feeling a little under the weather as well.

No more excuses I thought I would sit down and write this post as I am struggling to get to sleep.

I'm not sure what it is with me at the minute I always seem to feel drained it's probably from lack of sleep it's nearly 4am and I've not been to sleep yet so that won't be helping.

Anyway onto the post a couple of weeks ago I went into Debenhams with my mum and I thought I would look at the Dior counter not for anything In particular and the lady behind the counter was free so she gave me a little bit of a make-over I'd been feeling pretty awful so it felt nice to be pampered she prepped my skin with Dior Hydra Life which feels so refreshing on your skin and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. She then put Dior Dream Skin on which she said that I should use as a Primer.

I could immediately tell the difference when these two products were added onto my skin then she said Dior Forever Foundation was a good foundation for my type of skin and I could see why when she put it on me my skin just looked Flawless I needed a new foundation so I wanted to buy that and I bought a lipstick while I was there which is a gorgeous berry/plum colour.
I love Dior lipsticks so much especially the Dior Addict Glosses I was really excited when I found out that they were doing a lipstick/gloss as I don't always like to wear lip gloss so these are perfect you get the shine of a lip gloss in a lipstick.

Because I bought 2 items from Dior the lady gave me some free items to try at home I got some of the Hydra Life Serum to try at home and also the Dream Skin Primer .
I also got a gorgeous Pink Christian Dior Make-Up Bag which I absolutely adore.

Here are some photos of the items that I picked up

My only complaint about the whole experience at the Dior Counter and it's not really a complaint because I like this foundation as well as the Dior Forever Foundation the lady at the Dior Counter gave me the wrong foundation I was supposed to get Dior Forever and I came away with Dior Star Foundation.

This Dior Star Foundation leaves my skin looking so healthy and gives my skin this really nice glow which I love and it feels completely natural too. with some of my other foundations it just feels really heavy and I cannot wait to take it off in the evening but this foundation didn't bother me at all so lightweight and leaves your skin feeling completely flawless.

I am glad it's a good foundation though as I would have had a complaint to make which I hate doing I have used it now 3 or 4 times since I bought it and I am really impressed with it so far.
This is by no means an everyday type of foundation as it's so expensive so I will keep it in my make-up collection for those very special occasions

I am going to post a more indepth review with a couple of photos of what It looks like on my skin once I have used it a few more times be interesting to see if I still feel the same way about it .

Have you tried this foundation yet ? if so what are your thoughts on it ? Do you love it or hate it ?