Thursday 10 March 2016

A Couple Of New Editions To My Perfume Collection

Hello Lovelies,

Last month it was my birthday and I got some really nice perfume bought for me by my brother and his wife and I also bought a bottle of perfume myself that I saw in the Sale with some left over Birthday Money I had.

This is the Perfume that my brother and his wife bought me for my Birthday I have had a couple of these Vera Wang Perfumes over the years but I have never tried this Vera Wang Princess Perfume before so I was really excited when I got this Perfume in the Mail.

My sister in law got this through Amazon for me and they mailed it out it was a lovely surprise and on the box was a nice Personal Birthday Message I thought that was a really nice touch.
I didn't even know that Amazon offered this Service I think it's a really good service to use.

About the Perfume....

I love this Perfume so much it's a very Sweet Floral Scent it's perfect for Spring/Summer time.
It's a very Light Scent which I really like I don't like a Strong Scent.

The Ingredients in this Perfume are....

Waterlily, Apple, Mandarin Meringue, Golden Apricot Skin, Dark Chocolate, Amber Musk and Vanilla

Some gorgeous scents and that is what makes the Perfume smell so sweet if your not a lover of a sweet scented Perfume this may not be the Perfume for you.

    The next Perfume I got was Couture Couture  So Couture Yourself By Juicy Couture this perfume 
     slightly stronger Scent but is still quite a Sweet Scent

    The ingredients In this Juicy Couture Perfume are....

    Mandarin Orange, Orange Blossom, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Honey Suckle, Plum, Amber, Vanilla     
    and Sandalwood.
    Amazon website says this is a Strong Scent I don't entirely agree with that it's stronger then the 
    Vera Wang Princess Perfume but only a little bit.

    If you like Sweet Scented Perfumes these Perfumes are really nice editions to add to anyone's
    collection of Perfumes.

   seriously though how Gorgeous are these bottles of Perfume they are going to look stunning on my