Friday 11 March 2016

Seventeen Easy On The Eye The Big Smoked Palette Review

Hello Lovelies,

I have been waiting for the last month to do this Product Review on the Seventeen Easy On The Eye The Big Smoke Eyeshadow Palette.

I have been so excited to do this Product Review but I wanted to test the Eyeshadows out before I spoke about the Eye Shadow

This is the Seventeen Easy On The Eye The Big Smoke Palette I don't normally wear Cool Eyeshadows like this.

I am more of a Neutral Eye Shadow person I was interested in trying this Eyeshadow Palette to see what Smoked Eye Looks I could come up with.

I did take a few photos of some of the looks I created which I will post further down.

The colours in this Palette from left to right are

1. Twilight Blue             2. Onyx Black
3. Cocoa Brown             4. Slate Grey
5. Smoky Marble           6. Cloudy Lilac
7. Wild Khaki                8. Warm Ivory
9. Cool Aluminium        10. Pink Flush
11. illuminated Bronze   12. Eye Primer

I have used all the colours in this eyeshadow palette and I have to say I was pretty impressed with the Palette I don't like to mention other Brands while I'm doing Reviews but this Eyeshadow Palette really reminds me of the Sleek Eye Shadow Palettes I prefer this Seventeen Eyeshadow Palette more though as it has 3 Cream Eyeshadows and a Eye Primer.

I have never actually come across this before and think it's a good idea to have 8 Eyeshadows, 3 Cream Eyeshadows and a Eye Primer.

In this Palette you have everything that you need to do your Eye Make-Up

The Eye Shadows themselves give you a really nice Smoky Eye some of the lighter coloured eye shadows don't give as good pay off as some of the other colours in the Eye Shadow Palette.

The colour Cloudy Lilac colour has very little pay off but if you work with the colour it's very buildable and the colour Warm Ivory which are the of the Palest colours in the Eye Shadow Palette .

Warm Ivory makes a really good Base Colour for my Pale Skin.

My Favourite eye shadows in this Palette are Wild Khaki,  Slate Grey and Cocoa Brown.
I love all the Cream Eyeshadows they are quite Sheer on the eye lids but they make a good Base for the Eye Shadow.

I really like the Duel Ended Eye Shadow Brush that came with this Eye Shadow Palette normally I don't use them this one however looked really good and I wanted to try it to review the whole Product.

It's not often that you get Fluffy Brushes in low budget eye shadow palettes I think it's really good that seventeen included this.

Here are some looks that I created ....

This has to be my favourite smoky eye look I love the Khaki/Slate Grey Combination
In this Palette.

overall thoughts on this Palette I really like it, I was sent this particular palette by Seventeen this is not a paid review a little Disclaimer all thoughts on this Product are my own.

I liked this Eye Shadow Palette so much that I went to Boots and picked up the Easy On The Eye Palette in Birthday Suit which is the Neutral Palette that Seventeen does I am so excited to try this Palette as they are everyday neutral eye shadows.

I would like to Thank Seventeen for sending me this lovely Eye Shadow Palette....

If you are looking for a nice cool eye shadow palette to create smoky eye looks this palette was made for that and I highly recommend it....

Have you tried this Eyeshadow Palette yet ?
What are your thoughts??