Thursday 25 February 2016

Seventeen All Out Pout Lip Gloss Palette First Impressions

Hello Lovelies,

I haven't written in awhile because I have been really sick with a nasty head cold and tonsilitus but I really wanted to talk about Seventeen All Out Pout which is a new release by Seventeen.

I was lucky enough to get sent this All Out Pout Lip Palette by Seventeen I feel really lucky that Seventeen sent me this lovely Lip Palette.

Here are the photos of the Lip Palette that Seventeen sent me....

This is such a Cute Palette Seventeen have brought a few new things out recently like the Easy On The Eye Smoked Palette that I was sent and did a First Impressions Post on.

The Packaging on this Palette is the same as the Easy On The Eye Palette I love that you get the Choice of Six Different Shades in one small Compact.

So far I have used this Lip Palette once I used the Middle Red colour which is just simply Stunning!!!.

I loved how that colour Red looked on my lips. I am really looking forward to trying the other Red lip glosses in this Palette.

I will be trying all these colours in this Palette and taking Photos of all the Lip Shades in the Review Post So look out for that.

I do like that on the back of the Compact Seventeen thought to put the Shades of the Lip Glosses I will be speaking more about this in the Overall Review on this Product.

Here are a couple of photos of me wearing the colour Knockout Red I love this colour so much and I only put a very thin layer of the Lip Gloss on because I didn't know how thick the consistency was.

The colour of this Lip Gloss is called Knockout Red which is so Stunning and looks a lot Lighter on then in the Lip Palette.

Have you tried this palette yet if so what are your thoughts on it?