Thursday 11 February 2016

Body Shop Lip Treatments Review

Hello Lovelies,

I have been suffering with very Dry Flaky Lips and it got to the point last weekend where they was that Dry and Flaky they was just really Sore.

So I went to The Body Shop to see what Lip Treatments they recommended.

One of the advisors at The Body Shop recommended this one it's called Hemp Lip Conditioner and it's in a Lip Balm. 

I was a little bit concerned because normally Lip Balms dry my lips out even more I can't use Vaseline, Carmex or anything like that they just dry my lips out too much and they feel horrible.

So I wasn't really sure about purchasing this item it's quite expensive for a lip balm too at £4 but my thoughts behind this purchase was that it was a Lip Conditioning Treatment whereas all the other Lip Balms that I have tried in the past haven't been and I was told that Hemp was particular good for Dry Flaky Lips.

My thought on this The Body Shop Hemp Lip Conditioning Lip Treatment Lip Balm ...

I think it's a really good Lip Treatment and it is Conditioning much more Conditioning then other Lip Balms I have tried in the past.

The only thing that I don't really like about this is that there is no flavour to it but you can't have everything that is something I would gladly sacrifice to not have sore dry flaky lips.

As I went to pay for the Hemp Lip Conditioning Treatment I saw this Coconut Lip Roll On Treatment and it was actually on Sale like the Hemp Lip Conditioning Treatment the Original Price was £4 it had gone down to £2 so I thought it was worth trying. What I really like is it's made with 100% Natural Ingredients.

This Roll On Lip Treatment is actually a better Treatment for me then the Hemp Lip Conditioning Treatment it's probably because it's Oil rather then a Balm.

I love this Treatment so much that I wanted to Purchase a couple more so I went into The Body Shop yesterday and they had none left which was a little bit Disappointing  they had a Rose one that looked nice I didn't pick it up at the time because I didn't know if this Treatment was for me.