Saturday 6 February 2016

Deansgate Locks Manchester, Fashion Show.

Hello Lovelies,

Hope your all having a lovely weekend,  today I came across some photos from a Fashion Show I went to about 7 or 8 Years Ago now.

Deansgate Locks is a lovely Area in Manchester to eat out and go for Drinks and sometimes they put events on. When I found out they were Hosting a Fashion Show I just had to Attend so I got a couple of Tickets for my mum and I. Here are the Photos that I took from the Show. The Bar that I took these photos at were Revolution which is a lovely bar. I'm not even sure if this Bar is still called that or if they have changed Names.

Onto the photos from the night....

This is my Favourite Photo I love
the Expression on the Models Face
and even better that I managed
to Capture it as I always seem
to miss moments like this.

                                                         This is also another Clear Photo that I really
                                                          like. I like that I have Captured the Model

                                                       This is my Favourite of all the Photos
                                                        I feel like its the most Clear photo that
                                                        I took on the night. I love the Make Up that
                                                        they wore on the Night. I love the Models
                                                        Clothes that she was wearing.
                                                       Another great Photo were the Model
                                                       is posing.
                                                       I love this Model's Dress I love Navy
                                                       Blue it's a good Alternative to Black I think.
                                                       I also like that it's Backless. I love Backless
                                                       Dresses even though I find it Difficult finding the
                                                     correct Bra as a Fuller Figured Woman.

                                          I wanted to add these next couple of Photos mainly
                                          because I love the Outfits that they are both wearing.
                                          This is a gorgeous Cobolt Blue outfit I love it, It's such
                                          a pretty Colour.
                                          I love the Colour Green so I thought I would add this
                                          The Model looked really nice in this outfit.
                                                      This is another good Clear photo that I
                                                      like I wish the Model was wearing more
                                                      Colour as I don't really wear a lot of Black
                                                       outfits myself.
                                                       This Monochrome outfit looks so Stylish
                                                       and even though it is a Black Outfit the White
                                                       breaks it up really well.

                                                      I liked the  Model Blouse Yellow Is another

                                                    I love the Yellow Blouse that the Model
                                                    is wearing Yellow has to be one of my Favourite

All these Fashion shows I went too was such a long time ago I really need to go to another one soon maybe Birmingham Clothes Show at the end of the year.
I have been saying that I wanted to go for Years now and have just never gone the same with London Fashion Week it's been my dream to go there for the last 10 Years or so and because I don't know the area that well so It has put me off but maybe I should just Seize The Moment.