Wednesday 17 February 2016

Happy Birthday To Me

Hello Lovelies,

This is the first post I have done in nearly a week just because I have been so busy it was my birthday last Friday.

I have had a pretty hectic week so this really is the first chance I have had to post and I have got so many other Posts in the Pipelines so keep an eye out for them.

I went to meet my friend in our local pub on Thursday afternoon for some drinks as I had plans for Friday (the actual day of my birthday) and a few other things.

So anyway I met up with my friend she truly Spoilt me I knew that she had ordered me a Minnie Mouse Charm for my Pandora Bangle anyone that knows me knows that I love all things Disney mainly Mickey & Minnie and the Charms looks so cute on the Bracelet and it means so much to me as it has come from my Friend so it's like a Friendship Charm. I just think it's the Cutest thing.

I will be doing a Separate Post to show the Gifts that I got well everything apart from the Chocolate I've eaten them already.

When I met my Friend she was carrying this Big White Cake Box and I still had no idea what was in it.

As far as I was concerned she had bought me something for my Birthday I certainly didn't expect her to make me a Cake which by the way my friends cakes are literally to die for they are so good.

The Barman in our local was like you didn't have to make me a Cake and my friend was like you will have to fight her for it was quite funny what was even funnier is one of the other Customers in the Bar was like is it your 18th?

I mean come on I look older then 18 I have just turned 38 and normally people say I look like I am in my Mid Twenties but now people are saying is it your 18th and the other week I got asked for ID in a pub which considering my age I was not impressed with,

I blame the new Haircut  I will never get it cut this short again it's taking forever to Grow back and I can barely do anything with it. When I tie it back there is literally no Ponytail.
Does anyone have any ideas of what makes Hair grow faster or Products that I can use on my Hair to make it look thicker and more Volumenized.

If so would you leave me some comments any help is much appreciated :-)

Here is the cake that my lovely friend made me I just had to share it with you so that you can see how talented she is.

The Masquerade Mask is more of a Prop then anything else I think it's been very cleverly done where she gets her inspiration from I just don't know.
I did ask her and she said well I know you like Make-Up so that was my Inspiration for your Birthday Cake :-)

I don't just like Make Up I love it I was mesmerised when I lifted the Lid off this Gorgeous Cake and so all the detail that had gone into making the Cake.

Once I had seen the Cake my friend had already took some photos and she posted it onto her Facebook Page and she ended up getting some more Orders.

 I think she should have her own little Shop her Cup Cakes are gorgeous too.

So everything you see on top of the Cake is completely Edible all the Nail Polish and Cosmetics are White Chocolate and they have Colouring on.

I just can't believe what a great job she has done with this Cake I know it's only a Birthday Cake but just look at it it's so PRETTY

I love my Birthday Cake I had my 2 Nieces round on the actual day of my Birthday and they Sang Happy Birthday To Me it was especially Cute as my 5 Year Old Niece sang to me but she was a little bit that way out and Misbehaved it was nice to see her though as I haven't seen her in such a long time.

Once again I would like to say a huge thanks big hugs and kisses to my friend who made this beautiful cake.

No one has ever done anything like this for me before so I do really appreciate and it means so much to me.

I am ver Grateful to have a Friend like you in my Life you know who you are !!!