Thursday 18 February 2016


Hello Lovelies,

Hope your all well I was asked to do a look featuring Too Faced Chocolate Bar by a few people so I thought I would write a post on that today and show you some photos of the look.

I love the Too Faced Chocolate Bar it smells Gorgeous and the Shadows are just so Creamy and Blend so easy.

Just look at this Palette it's such a Gorgeous Palette definitely my favourite from my Whole Eye Shadow Collection It smells Divine.

The colours that I use a lot in this palette are the following...

I normally use Milk Chocolate as my Transition Colour in the Crease of my eye then darken the Socket with Semi Sweet more then any other colour in the Palette I use Crème Brulee on my Eye Lid which is just the most Gorgeous Golden Colour and add Marzipan in the centre of the Eye Lid which is a gorgeous Champagne Colour Eyeshadow.

The highlighter in this palette I use the most is definitely the Champagne Truffle Highlight I like to add Shimmer to my look.

I think the other Highlighter White Chocolate is a great  to use as a Base for your Eyeshadow.

I thought I would try to Create a Different look using this Palette I thought I would use some of the Darker Colours to give me more of an edgy smoky look.

Here is the look I created....

The Eyeshadows that I used for this look from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette are  Milk Chocolate for the Transition Colour then Cherry Cordial in the Socket to Darken the Crease. Black Forrest Truffle on the Eye Lid.

I really like the look it's nice and smoky the only Eye Shadow that I used out of this Palette that I'm not too sure about is the Black Forrest Truffle it's a Gorgeous Plum Colour with Glitter in it but it's really not that Pigmented I think this colour will probably look good if you dampen your eye shadow brush and then put the eye shadow on.

Other then the Pigmentation of that one eye shadow I love this Palette.

I will go through the rest of the make-up on my face...


I have been using this Foundation over the last week and so far I really like it you get up to 16 hours of wear

The Foundation leaves your Skin with a nice Natural healthy Glow.

This is the description for the foundation of the boots website...

Radiant and flawless complexion for up to 16 hours! Bourjois’ Healthy Mix foundation is enriched with a fruit therapy formula to enhance your complexion.

•Apricot for radiance

•Melon for hydration

•Apple to protect your youth

It is also enriched with crystalline pigments to even out the complexion while letting in the natural light for that healthy looking glow

I will be doing a more Indepth review on this foundation in a couple of weeks when I have been using it more. 

I have shown this Compact before and i'm in love with it I love the Design Ciate and Olivia Palermo have done a Fantastic Job with all the Products in the Range.

I love the Black and Gold Design of all the Products in Particular.

I have very Fair Skin and this is the Perfect Bronzer for me to Contour with a lot of Bronzers are too Orange or too muddy for my Skin but this is just Perfect and it Blends really well.

The Blusher is a Gorgeous Pink I just love this Blusher it's so Feminine.

I like the OP Initials imprinted in the Bronzer/Blush and the Cute little Bow it shows it to be the Luxury Brand that it is. I'm very pleased that I managed to get it at a Discount Price from TK MAXX.  I love the Mirror too which makes it very Travel Friendly.

Another thing that I use a lot is this White Eyeshadow Base this goes on before my Eyeshadow it makes my Eyeshadow Pop.

This for me acts like a Primer it doesn't Crease my eyeshadow a lot of these things that I am talking about in todays post was listed in my Favourites apart from a few new products that I want to talk about in a upcoming post.

I heard great things about Collection Lasting Perfection 16 Hour Concealer how it Rivals Concealers by the likes of Nars and MAC and it's a Concealer that suits everyone's Budget so I thought I would check it out as I had run out of my usual Concealer this is in the colour light.

The other products I used when I created this look were some products that I got sent from SEVENTEEN I want to show them in a Separate post.
I will be doing a First Impression Review in my next Post so keep an eye out for that.