Wednesday 3 February 2016

First Impression & Swatches On Tarte Holidaze Palette

Hello Lovelies,

I recently posted my January Favourites and in that was this Gorgeous Palette by Tarte  that I got for Christmas

It's called the Holidaze Palette and has includes 4 Palettes a Travel Palette so you can put a Palette in there which is really good for when  you are Travelling but it's also good to put in your Handbag.

All the Palettes contain 4 Eye Shadows and 1 Blusher which is really nice that Tarte have put Blushers in all these Palettes as Tarte is known for their 24 hour Amazonian Clay Blushers. 

So this is the Palette which is such great value for money as you get the 4 Quads of  Tarte Eye Shadow and 4 Tarte Blusher then you also get the Tarte Lip Crayon in the colour Ravishing which is just a Pretty Nude Pink Colour and then you get a Deluxe Size of Tarte's Best Seller  Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara.

I am going to do Swatches for you and let you know my Thoughts it will be more of a First Impression though as I've only used 2 out of the 4 Palettes but thought since I had put this in my January Favourites I may as well show you the Swatches . I feel so lucky to have this Palette as I have heard such great things about Tarte as a brand but you can't get it in the U.K so I was very surprised when I got this.

Here is what the front of the Palette looks like I love the Gold and Black Chevron Detail.... 

I also love that this little Palette comes with quite a good size mirror so it's perfect for Travelling not just for Fixing your Eye Shadow but for Fixing the rest of your Make Up like your lipstick I never take a compact mirror this is a great alternative.

Here are the swatches for this palette the lightest colour on the left probably won't show up on my skin though as I'm so pale.

So this is my Favourite of the 4 Palettes at the moment which I will talk you through the Swatches are below.

 You can just make out the Palest Colour on my arm it's a lovely Champagne Highlight colour which is one of those Multi task highlight which ca be used to Brighten the Corner of your Eye and is really nice on your Cheekbones too the Colour of this is Tinsel & Tulle.

Next is my Favourite Colour from this Palette it's a lovely dark Bronze Colour I have been wearing this Colour constantly I'm Obsessed with it it's a lovely Creamy Texture which allows it to go on like Butter and has no Fallout. The Colour is called Merry Mocktail.

I also really love the next Shadow it's a Perfect Transition Colour for the Crease it Blends so nicely and the colour is Vintage Cuff.

Which finally brings us onto the last Shadow in the Quad which is a Gorgeous Plum Colour which looks lovely in Outer V to give you a nice Smoky Eye or you can use it as Eyeliner. I don't tend to use this colour unless I am going out in the Evening as it looks too Dramatic for Daytime.

Moving onto Blush this is my Favourite Blush out of the Whole Set it's a lovely Pink it looks really Bright on my arm it's not as Bright as it looked I swatched it a few times even so though it is the most Pigmented out of the Blushers.  The colour is Jolly.

So this Palette has been my go to Palette since I got it at  Christmas I don't wear Make Up everyday and also I've been unwell the last few weeks so I've not really been wearing any Make-Up which means I've not had the chance to test out the new Make-Up that I got for Christmas

Onto The 2ND Palette....

This was the First ever Eye Shadow Palette of the Four that I used and I love the Colours In this Quad too here are the Swatches.

you can barely see the Lightest Shade In this Quad because it literally is the same colour as my Skin tone which I guess is a good thing as it makes it the Perfect Base Colour to put all over the Eyelid if you have a slightly Darker Skin Tone you could use this as a Matte Highlighter. The Colour is Sequin Centerpiece.

Next there is another Gorgeous Plum Colour which is Matte it looks more Brown on my arm but I think that has more to do with the Camera that I used. The Colour is Suit & Tie.

This is my Favourite Colour of this Whole Quad and it's called Platinum Bauble which is just a Gorgeous Bronze Colour (Yes another one ) I am obsessed with Bronze & Gold Colour Eyeshadows what can I say I love my Neutrals. This is another Shade that just goes on the lid like Butter and if you want more Pigmentation you can always make your Eyeshadow Brush Damp and then it gives you a completely different look and gives you that Foiled Eye Shadow look which I'm loving at the moment.

Next we have a Shade that I'm not really too fond of as you can see by the Swatch it's very Chalky which is very Disappointing as all the other colours that I have tried are very Pigmented. I will Probably only use this as an Eyeliner or maybe to see what it looks like when it is placed in the Outer V to give a Smoky Eye. The Colour is LBD

The Blusher in this Palette is such a lovely colour it's showing up on my arm as being Pink but in reality it looks more like a Bronzer type of Colour and the Colour is Swanky.

Onto The Third Palette....

This is one of the Palettes that I haven't even Swatched for myself never mind used so it really will be a First, First Impression swatching it.
This Palette Is one of those Palettes that give you that nice Grey Smoky Eye look and I can't wait to try it out.

Out of all the Colours in this Quad I think the First Colour that I swatched which is the Lightest and like the rest of the colours I have liked have been Neutrals. This Colour Is called Sparkling Décor it's a hard colour to describe it's like it's a Brown Shimmer Colour  with Specs of  Grey in it. I just love this colour again it's Highly Pigmented and just glides on the Skin.

The next Shade is a Deep Grey called Feeling Fizzy which just looks Gorgeous I normally stay away from Colours like this but I am excited to try this little Palette out this colour is a Matte Colour this is why it is not showing up on the Skin as much.

The next Shade looks like it will be another Favourite of mine and it's called Pop The Cork a lovely Silver with Specks of Glitter which only shows up Slightly. This is another Shimmer Colour so the Pigmentation is really good and just glides on the Skin.

The Last Eyeshadow In this Palette is another one of those Disappointing Shades unfortunately it's a Matte Shade the Pigmentation is not as good as the others I'm just hoping if a Primer is used that I will be able to work with this Colour. The Colour is called Chocolate Fountain and is just very Chalky.

The Blusher is a Gorgeous Coral Colour perfect for Spring/Summer I'm really looking forward to trying that out.

4th Palette....

This little Quad of Eye Shadows looks like it will be right up my alley the Colours look Amazing....

Here are the swatches that I am doing for the first time.

Again you can't really see the Lightest Shade on my Arm because it's a Matte Colour and it's very Similar to my Skin Tone so if you have Fair Skin like I do this will be a good Base Colour For you and the colour of this Eyeshadow is Paper Snowflake.

Next is a slightly darker Shimmer Colour called Up On The RoofTaupe which is very apt as it is a Shade that is Taupe in Colour it is very very Pretty.

My Favourite out of this Quad has to be a Colour called Light My Fire which is very Similar to what I am using now in the 1st Quad which is called Merry Mocktail they are both Bronze Colours except Light My Fire is a little bit Darker in Appearance.

Last but certainly not least for Eyeshadow we have a Colour called Sweater Weather which is a really nice Matte Brown which to my surprise wasn't Chalky at all.

The Blusher in this Palette Is really nice too and that is called Cozy another really pretty Pink Colour.

I am really looking forward to trying those bottom Palettes as I haven't tried them yet and giving you a review on the Palette overall.

Next is the Lip Surgence Lip Crayon in Ravishing it's such a Pretty Pink that you can wear with all these Eye Palettes.

Not only is this a Gorgeous Colour I think the Colour is called Ravishing but it has Aloe Vera in which makes your Lips nice and Moisturised so it's like a Lip Crayon and Lip Balm all in one.

The Mascara I'm not too sure on as I have tried some really good Mascara in January My Current Favourites is the new Maybeline one Falsies I absolutely love it this Mascara from Tarte is supposed to be one of their Best Sellers it's the Lights, Camera, Action Mascara and I have tried it now two or three times and so far I am just not Impressed I'm going to Persevere with it for a few more weeks and then see how I feel about it then. 

The Mascara I'm not too sure on as I have tried some really good Mascara in January My Current Favourites is the new Maybeline one Falsies I absolutely love it this Mascara from Tarte is supposed to be one of their Best Sellers it's the Lights, Camera, Action Mascara and I have tried it now two or three times and so far I am just not Impressed I'm going to Persevere with it for a few more weeks and then see how I feel about it then. 

The only thing I don't like about this palette so far is that the darker colours are chalky but hopefully I will be able these colours out and it will be okay but everything else I just love. More then anything the travel palette and that you can change the palettes over.