Saturday 30 January 2016

My January Favourites

Hello Lovelies,

I thought I would talk to you today about what I have been Loving in January I used some of these products in the month of December too so I feel like I can give these Products a Review as well.

I have spoke about this Palette before it's the Tarte Holidaze Palette so far I have only used 2 out of the 4 Palettes that you get in the palette.

I will do Swatches and give a more Indepth Review when I have used it a little bit more.

    I love the idea behind this Palette you get 4 Palettes in total
    and you can change them up and put them in the little Travel

    I love the idea that Tarte added a Blusher into each of their
    Palettes it's so nice to have that and be able to use it on the go.
    even though you shouldn't need to really as these Blushers have
    a lot of Staying Power.

    The colours that are in the Travel Palette at the moment and that
    I am absolutely loving are tinsel & tulle, merry mocktail, vintage cuff and
    Plum Pudding.

    I love these Eye shadows so much they are such Beautiful Pretty Golden/Copper
    colours. The Blusher is called Jolly which is a really nice pretty Pink Blusher.


    I was really excited when I heard Olivia Palermo was creating her own Beauty line but after I 
    looked into it I decided not to buy any Products as they were quite expensive and then you had to
    pay for the Shipping on top which was quite Expensive.

    I am glad that I decided to leave it as just before Christmas I saw these Products in my Local
    TK MAXX at such a Ridiculous Price.

     The Packaging of these Products are just Beautiful especially the Bronzer and Blusher it's so
      Sleek in it's Black & Gold Packaging.
     A lot of Detail has gone into all of these Products so I understand why Ciate are charging High
     end prices

This Bronzer is really nice for my Skin tone it doesn't make me look Orange or make my Skin look
 This Blusher really Compliments the Bronzer too.

 I like that Ciate have imprinted their Trademark Bow into the Bronzer/Blusher and of course Olivia Palermo initials. I think it looks Pretty.

The eye liner is a really good eye liner it's a Gel Eye liner in Black it glides on like Butter it's
double ended you get a Smudge Brush so that you can get the Smoky Eye Look.

The Lipsticks that I got were Truffle and I am really not sure about this it's such a Pale Colour and
I'm really Pale I'll persevere with it and see how I feel.
I've only used it a few times so I feel like I haven't really given it a chance.

I also got Velveteen which is a Gorgeous Red which I think looks a lot nicer then Truffle but that might be more because I love Red Lipstick.

Firstly I have been using this Bourjois 24 Hour Hold Air Mat I love this foundation it gives you a really nice Flawless look.
The Shade I got I think is slightly too light for my skin I got the lightest colour 01 Ivory Rose I can
work with it I'd rather have a Foundation that is too light rather then too dark but I am curious as to
what difference the next Shade will look like.

The Primer that I have been loving recently is a Primer that I got with my Bare Minerals Starter Kit this Sample Size Primer is a Silicone Based Primer and I think it's a really good one. I got it a
few years ago now but have only recently rediscovered it again.

I love this Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder I have tried a few Setting powders and I always come back to this one. It last such a long time too I have had this powder for well over a year
now and I am only just hitting Pan now and it's so Inexpensive to buy when I bought this it was on Special offer for £2.99 I think original retail price is £3.99. It's definitely a Make-Up Product I use a lot no matter what Foundation I use.

Another Old Favourite of mine which I am also running out of  as well at the moment. This is the best Concealer that I have used and it's Maybeline Eraser Concealer and this is another product that has lasted me awhile. I know there are a few more High End Concealers like the Nars ones for
example but it's so expensive and I haven't felt the need to use this one but I am keen to try Maybeline Fit Me Concealer every time I go to Boots or Superdrug for it though they never seem to have my shade I guess it's a poplar shade as a lot of people go down one shade and use it to Highlight.

This W7 Get Set Eyeshadow Base is quite a new find for me I have been using Urban Decay Primer Potion prior to this I don't really like this Primer it makes my eyelids oily and my eye shadow doesn't really stay on when I use this. W7 Get Eyeshadow Base reminds me of NYX Milk
Jumbo Pencil other then the fact that the W7 Get Eyeshadow Base comes in a pot rather then a Pencil. I like that it's white and makes my eye shadow pop. If I had known it would have been this good I would have bought 2 of them as it was so Inexpensive at £1.99 the store that I got it from no longer stocks it though which is a shame.

Last but certainly not least there is the Balm Mary  Lou-manizer this is such a gorgeous Highlight quite a recent purchase and slightly more expensive then High Street Brands such as MUA or Make Up Revolution which are my two most Favourite High Street Brands.
This Mary Lou - Manizer is much more Pigmented and looks Beautiful on the Cheekbones another Highlight I love to use is a Highlighter that comes with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette there is a really pretty Pink Colour and is another really pretty Highlight.

For Eye Brows I have been using this I Love Eye Brows Palette I use the Bottom 2 Colours in this Palette as I have got very Dark Brows which is slightly strange as I have such a Pale Skin Tone.

I like that it's not just an Eye Brow Palette I love the Eye Shadows in this Palette too it makes it a good Travel Palette it's perfect to go in your Handbag.

The Mascara's that I have been loving using In January I have been using this Essence Lash Princess Mascara it gives a really nice False Lash Effect and it's such an affordable product.
I didn't think this Mascara would give me the False Lash Eye Effect but I was really pleased with the Results.

Maybeline Falsies Push Up Mascara is quite a new purchase which I got on Special Offer and this is another really good Mascara for giving you the False Eye Lash Effect.

I love both of these lipstick the first one is a L'oreal Lipstick which is a Collection Exclusive with Blake Lively it's a gorgeous Red Matte Lipstick and unlike other Matte lipsticks that I have tried it's not at all Drying the Colour is called Blakes Pure Red.

A more recent colour that I got was from Make Up Revolution and it's this Gorgeous Plum/Burgundy Colour it's a great colour for autumn/winter. I don't really have any colours like
this in my collection and it was only £1 that's why I love Make Up Revolution because it suits anyone's Budget the colour is Rebel With Cause.

Here are the Swatches Blakes Pure Red and then there is Make Up Revolution Rebel Without a cause.

Finally lets talk Lip Glosses these are my 3 Favourite Lip glosses of the moment two of them are High End they are from the Dior Addict Range.

The first from left to right is a Clear gloss with lots of Sparkle in it I know it doesn't look Clear because I have been using Red Lipstick and put this Clear Gloss over the top to give my Lipstick a bit of a Glitz. This Colour is called Tiara It's really Pretty.

This is a Liquid Lipstick  in the middle it's by Essence another High Street Brand I really love this Colour and I love the Formula the colour of this Liquid Lipstick there isn't a colour on it though but I think there was only another Red and that was much lighter in colour.

The Red Dior Lip Gloss on the end is definitely my Favourite Red Lip Gloss that I have in my Collection like the Clear Gloss it has some Sparkle in it which looks really nice on top of a Red Lipstick the Colour is Flash 856

Tiara is the colour in the Middle you can see from the Swatches that there is quite a lot of Glitter in it, This Gloss comes Clear but mine looks Pink because I have been using this Clear Gloss over Dark Lipsticks such as Red Lipstick.

The other Dior Addict Gloss is on the left which the camera has picked up as being Pink which is not the case it's a very Bright Red like Fire engine red you can see that there is Glitter in this which I am pleased that the Camera picked up on.

On the far Right is the Essence Liquid Lipstick I have tried a few of these and a lot of them I feel dry my lips out but not this and there so Affordable the only Downside of this is that Essence haven't named the Liquid Lipsticks. Essence only had two reds and I got the Darker Red

I know this has been a long post but they have been  my Favourites of the Month I didn't want to just list the Products I wanted to tell you why  like these Products give a little Review on each of them.