Tuesday 12 January 2016

Travel - Paris

Hello Lovelies,

I have been fortunate over the last 10 years to have travelled quite a lot and I would like to share my experiences and photos of the places that I have visited.

Firstly I wanted to talk about one of my favourite places in the world that I have visited and I have been lucky enough to visit Paris Disneyland twice now.

The first time was a complete Surprise my ex husband booked us a trip to Paris for my Birthday/Valentines Day which was probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me and even though I'm no longer married I will never forget that trip.

I had wanted to go to Disneyland for so long at this point and he just booked the tickets for us to go and the Hotel we stayed at was lovely too was such a nice trip I have plenty of photos for you to see of this trip and the second time I visited Paris was for mine and my friends birthdays because it's only like a week or two apart so we decided to go to Paris for a girls weekend and I got to go back to Disneyland for the day and we saw some other sights as well.

Here are some photos from the first time I went to Disneyland and saw my first Disney Parade

 This photo of Minnie Mouse is definitely one of my favourite photos Minnie is one of my favourite characters.

                                         I loved seeing the dancers they were Amazing

                                          This is one of my favourite photos too

I have always loved Snow White & Seven Dwarves I love this photo shame I didn't get a photo of Snow White
                                        Awe  I love this photo too of the Little Mermaid I love Ariel

                                        This photo is my favourite of them all that I managed to take I think it's
                                         because I managed to get a photo of Mickey & Minnie and they are just so
                                         cute aren't they?

                                          you know you have arrived when you see the princess castle it's just so
                                          gorgeous it makes you feel like your a little girl again it's very surreal.

                                                   This photo was taken under the castle gosh it seems like such a long 
                                                    time ago that these photos were taken.

                                         so those were the photos that were taken the year when I went to
                                         Disneyland Paris. I have a few photos of Paris which I will include
                                         in this post.

                                         This was the hotel we stayed in it was such a gorgeous hotel
                                          I wish I would have took more photos of what it looked like
                                          especially inside but these photos were taking so long ago and
                                          I didn't even use Social Media at that time never mind write
                                          a Blog :)
                                         I love this photograph so much at the time of me taking this I had
                                         only just started getting interested in Photography and it was definitely
                                         one of the best Photos I took while in Paris.
                                                   Last but certainly not least you can't go to Paris and not
                                                   Visit the Eiffel Tower which as you would expect was full
                                                    of  Tourists.

                                                    I remember being pushed all over the place and really hated it
                                                    at this point. I remember thinking it was just really rude but that is
                                                    just the way it is.

                                                    At the time of us taking this Holiday to Paris I hadn't really taken
                                                     many Holidays so it was a little bit of a Culture Shock everything
                                                    seemed so fast paced.

                                                   I know this is a bit of a different post I have normally just done
                                                   Beauty Posts which I love doing but I have had so many holidays
                                                    in the last Decade and I feel so fortunate I wanted to share my
                                                    Holiday Snaps and talk about the Places that I have visited.