Sunday 17 January 2016

My First Fashion Show October 2007

Hello Lovelies,

Here is another different post for you all to read along with Beauty, Fashion is one of my Passions.
I have loved Fashion ever since I was a little girl and I used to go Shopping with my mum and seeing her in all the lovely Outfits.

I remember going to C&A with my mum I used to try all the Lovely Hats and the Stilettos I must have looked so funny I was like 8 Years old at this point.

Anyway back to this Post when I first moved to Manchester I started to really get into Photography there is so many nice Buildings to Photograph.

Then I heard that there was going to be a Fashion Show at the Urbis in Manchester back in October 2007.

I can't believe it was so long ago it was just 2 Years after I moved to Manchester I have so many good Memories of living there.

So here are some of the photos from the fashion show that I attended.

                                                  I love this outfit that the Model is wearing
                                                  it reminds me of Winter.
                                                   It's a great outfit to wear in the Winter.

                                                    This is one of my favourites I think the
                                                     Model looks so Glamourous.

                                                     I love the Silver Dress and the Black
                                                     Tuxedo Jacket.

                                                   This isn't one of my greatest photos
                                                    with all the people's feet in the
                                                    Background but I do still like the
                                                   This is another Favourite Photo of mine
                                                    it's a shame the photo wasn't taken more
                                                    The Hat that the Model is wearing is
                                                     Lovely adds some Colour to her Black
                                                     Outfit and the Accessories are lovely too

                                                    This is a Good Photo too it's like a
                                                     Tuxedo Play Suit and the Silver
                                                     Necklace makes the Outfit stand out on
                                                     the Model.

                                                   I love this Dress that the Model is wearing
                                                   it's such a pretty Black Dress.
                                                   Again I think the Accessories make this
                                                   outfit look Amazing which are the gloves
                                                   and the Layered Necklaces.

                                                    Out of all the Photos that I took on that
                                                     day this one is my Favourite.
                                                    I love the Models Dress it's so Beautiful
                                                    a really nice Rose Colour.

                                                    Then the Model has a Gold Bag which
                                                    is filled with Rose Petals which she Scattered
                                                    across the Runaway as the show came to a close

                                                    I am so pleased I got to Capture this Shot.

                                                   This would have also been another Great
                                                    shot if my Thumb Print had not been in the
                                                    way and also if the Shot was more Central.
                                                   Maybe I will try and Edit some of the Photos.

I really enjoyed going to this Fashion Show I had never been to a Fashion Show before but I had wanted to go to one for so long and I was so Excited that I got to go this one.

At some point over the Next Couple of Years I would like to go to The Clothes Show Live and London Fashion Week.
It would be great to have the Opportunity to meet other Bloggers.