Tuesday 19 January 2016

Ibiza 2008

Hello Lovelies,

I thought I would do another post were you get to see a bit of my life it's one thing talking about Beauty Products which literally I could do all day long but you don't get to know me as a person and this is what having this blog is all about so you my lovely readers can get to know me not just words on a page but the Real me.

I have to admit when I thought of Ibiza I didn't think it would be as nice as it was myself and my ex husband decided to go to Ibiza when we had just turned 30 at the time we wasn't Married and thought it might be nice to have a week in Ibiza which is known for it's Nightlife at the time we were both big on Dance Music.

We didn't stay in San Antonio which is the main part of Ibiza we stayed in San Miguel it is just so Beautiful there and I think I would definitely go back there some day if the opportunity came up.
They had some lovely bars there but it was also nice to venture out to San Antonio which was a bit livelier.

I have some photos to show you of my time there.

                                         When I saw this van in San Miguel, Ibiza I had to take
                                          the photo.

                                          I never actually thought about where the beer was brewed
                                          Whenever we went out and I was asked what I wanted
                                           to drink I said well as were in San Miguel I will have a
                                           San Miguel.
                                           I found it quite funny.


                                         I would have loved to have gone on this party boat
                                          I'm not really sure why we didn't go on it in the

                                          I love how the photo came out so I have the memory
                                          of it.
                                         I like this photo too with the boats on the beach and
                                         one in the water it's like it tells a story.
                                         I used to go for walks in mornings and I found this little
                                          rocky trail which looking back was probably quite dangerous
                                          to be up there as there was no fence and I had no real grip on
                                          my shoes it was really high up too.

                                          As you can see the boats look so small, what I really like about
                                          this photo is you can see how blue the sea is I just loved it up

                                         Here is the party boat again I think this is a slightly better shot.
                                         I'm not sure how I got that, we must have took a boat ride out and
                                         been in close proximity of it.

                                          I can't remember where we would have taken a boat ride too maybe to
                                          San Antonio.

                                          I remember we took a few Taxi's there but it was really expensive as it was
                                          so far away from San Miguel maybe 30 or 40 minutes by taxi each way so
                                          it got really expensive.

                                         Yes I think we took the boat ride to San Antonio every time
                                          I go on holiday I like to go on a nice boat ride around the island
                                          of the place I am visiting.

                                          There have been a few near misses though but from what I remember
                                           Ibiza was fine I'll get into the near misses when I write about them.
                                           There are some funny stories to be told.
                                          How lovely does this look with the sun just hitting the
                                          water like that.

                                          I would have got more photos like this but I remember my
                                          camera died on me.

                                          Story of my life I've since learned carry extra batteries and extra memory
                                           Cards especially if you like taking photos of everything like I do.

                                         I think this photo was taken at the highest level I would have
                                         loved to have a selfie stick back then or even a camera with a front
                                          facing camera but I just had a low budget compact camera as I had only
                                          been interested in Photography for 2 years.
                                          I like this photo too the little shed we actually found
                                          out that someone lived there in complete isolation like that
                                          I guess in some ways it was complete freedom your surrounded
                                          by nature but it must just be so lonely it is literally in the middle
                                          of nowhere but he had his own boat and that's how he would get
This is another favourite photo of mine I have a
fascination of boats it doesn't really matter what
kind they are but I think a photo on the beach with
the sand and the sea just makes the photo.
last but not least is this photo of me that I thought I would add which by the way I absolutely hate it.
It brings some very bad memories for me.

I loved this holiday so much it was lovely to go to Ibiza but I got bit by Mosquitos while I was there right in my eye and this is why I am wearing these oversized sun glasses at this point I didn't think the bites were that bad but over the coming days they got really bad and took over my entire left eye.

It literally looked like I had gone 5 rounds with Mike Tyson my eye was red it looked Bruised and Puss had started to Weep from it honestly it was so Disgusting.

I felt Disgusting so we went to the Pharmacy and they wouldn't even give me anything I had to go straight to the hospital which was so scary as they were talking in Spanish asking questions and I don't speak Spanish so I could not answer there questions luckily my ex partner did know some Spanish enough to get me Treatment which was an anti-histamine injection which after I had it I remember feeling very Dizzy and Faint but that could have been because I don't like needles.

Ever since this holiday I seem to get Mosquito Bites but thankfully they have never been as bad as that

Have you had any holiday disasters if so please leave in comments