Friday 29 January 2016

Disneyland Part 2, January 2011

Hello Lovelies,

This is the second part of the post I did on Paris Disneyland the first part I spoke about a few weeks ago.

The first time I went to Paris was for my 27th Birthday wow I can't believe it's nearly 10 Years ago now. where does the time go.

If you want to read that post you can read it here Beauty With Andrea Paris Disneyland Part one .

The second time I went to Paris I went with my friend she had never been and wanted to go and I didn't need asking twice so we went for a long weekend to celebrate our Birthdays as they are close together.

This time I went to Paris in  January 2011 we stayed in Central Paris so it was easy to Commute to Disneyland and other areas of Paris.

We went to quite a few Museums while we were in Paris which were  Musee du Louvre,  Musee D'Orsay,  Les Arts Decoratifs - Musee  Des Arts Decoratifs  .

I never used to be a person that likes to visit Museums but I really enjoyed it and I've since gone to a few more local Museums.

I thought I had some Photos on my computer of the Museums we visited but I have checked and I haven't but I do have plenty of Disneyland

                                          You always know you have arrived when you see
                                           the Pink Princess Castle.
                                           It's so Pretty it makes you feel like a Child again

                                                    Sulley was huge and there was a Gate
                                                    around him which he broke free from
                                                    it scared me so much.
                                         This Train was part of the Parade I really enjoyed
                                          this Parade more then I had the time Previous
                                          time I went.

                                                    Awe I love Toy Story Jessie is my Favourite
                                                    she is just so Cute :-)
                                          Here is Woody I love Woody too but Jessie Is definitely
                                          my Favourite.

                                         This photo was taken from inside the Castle there are
                                          loads of windows and they have Stained Glass of the
                                          Disney Characters like the one below of the Wicked Witch.
                                                   I love this photo of the Wicked Witch
                                                   the Stained Glass just looks Beautiful.
                                                   I just had to get my friend to take this
                                                   photo of me and the Wicked Witch :-)
                                                    This is another Favourite Photo of mine
                                                    the Castle in the Background.
                                                    It's a shame that it's so Overcast though
                                                   Because I love Minnie Mouse so much
                                                   I asked my friend to take a photo of this
                                                    Awe this photo is so Adorable of Minnie

                                          Another Parade going on behind me and while that
                                          was going on they let Fireworks off which was just so
                                                    I was so tempted to buy this Minnie Mouse
                                                    teddy for my Niece who would have only been
                                                    1 at the time but I didn't really want to carry it
                                                    on the Plane.

                                                    I've since bought her, her very own Mickey &
                                                    Minnie Mouse which she loves and I got that
                                                    from the Disney Store Manchester     
                                                    I like these bottom two photos they show where
                                                    we are in the Park.

                                         I loved being on these Teacups it took me right back to my
                                         I definitely think it's time for me to pay another
                              visit to Disneyland soon.

                              In time I would love to go to Disneyland Florida it's
                              always been a dream of mine :-)