Sunday 3 January 2016

Dupe Make-Up Brushes V's Real Technique Brushes

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are all well.
A few weeks before Christmas I was on eBay looking for some new make-up brushes when I came across these lovely dupes for the Real Techniques Bold Metal Brush Collection I didn't want to post them straight away as I wanted to do a review on these Make-Up Brushes of course I didn't expect them to be as good as the Real Technique ones because of the difference in price but paying more money doesn't always have to mean there better Quality. 

Here are the brushes that I bought off eBay 

Here are the bold metal face brushes I got them in the beginning of November and I've been using them constantly since then so I think I can give a fair review. 

I will talk about the Make-Up Brushes from Left to right so first is the Blusher Brush and I also use it to Highlight I think I definitely need to re-purchase this set again just so I don't have to use it as a Multi-tasking Brush.
I do have the Real Techniques Brush in this and I have just Compared the two Brushes and there is Literally no difference in how they feel . The Bristles on the Real Techniques Brush are a little more Dense but you would expect that as these Real Technique Brushes are being Marketed as Pro Brushes. 

We then have the Contour Brush and I have the Real Techniques version in this also so I can do a comparison for you here also. 

This would probably work better if I was doing the review on my You Tube Channel but I've still not got around to setting my camera up at home yet and I think I need to get a new Tripod for it so for now I will just be doing reviews on my blog. 

Back to the Contour Brush the Contour Brush that comes with this Kit is very light compared to the Real techniques version and like the blusher brush the Real Techniques Brush has Dense Bristles. 
I like the fact that the dupe version is light though and when you use a Bronzer the Product goes on the Brush and goes onto your face and then the brush is clear whereas when I have used the Real Techniques Brush there is still Bronzer on it and I feel like I have to keep dipping my Brush into the Product where as I didn't have to do that with the cheaper version which was very disappointing as the Price of the Brushes are so much more Expensive. 

I don't have anymore of the Face Brushes I only bought these two because they were on Sale when I got them and I got a Eye Shadow Brush too. 

The next brush I just use with Powder to set my Face Make-Up and when I have put Bronzer, Blush & Highlighter on just to make sure it's all blended nicely this seems to be a really good brush for this. 

Last but certainly not least is the Foundation Brush I have to say I was tempted to try the Real Techniques version of this brush before I got this one I'm glad I didn't now as I'm really pleased with the results that this one gives off. 

I think if you want to try the Real Technique Bold Metals Collection but can't justify spending that kind of money because they are expensive these are a Brilliant Alternative. 

So much cheaper too I think they were less than £7 for the 4 face brushes and then I got some eyeshadow brushes as well. The only thing is these brushes come from China so they took like 4 or 5 weeks to arrive but seriously they are worth the wait. 

These are the eyeshadow brushes that I got 

The Two Brushes on the left are Crease Brushes and then the two brushes in the Middle are Eyeshadow Brushes. 

The bigger Eyeshadow Brush I do have the Real Techniques version again the only difference is that it's a little bit Heavier then the Dupe Brush Version and the Bristles are more Dense this time though I actually prefer the Real Techniques Version as it packs more colour onto the lid. 

Finally we have the Liner Brush I've not actually tried the Real Techniques Version so I can't actually speak for the Quality of the Brush which I'm sure is AMAZING I love all the Real Technique Brushes but there not in everyone's budget especially these new Brushes Real Techniques have brought out. 

I have just checked my EBay account you actually got the 4 Face Brushes ,2 Eyeshadow brushes and Liner Brush for just £6.58 and then I ordered the 2 Crease Brushes for £2.06 so I got all those Make-Up Brushes for less than £10 (such a bargain!!!!) 

So this is just a little review on the Brushes that I bought from EBay these opinions are my own this is not a Sponsored Post its something I wanted to share with you in case you fancy trying them out for yourself.