Tuesday 1 December 2015

Twilight Lush Bath Bomb Review

Hello Lovelies,

Hope your enjoying you have had a lovely weekend.
It's been another drizzly weekend here in the UK so no change there....

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So lets get into this review....

I have picked a few different bath bombs up to try and I came across this one in Lush called Twilight . I love the smell of it .

I found this Bath Bomb to be super relaxing as it had Lavender in it which helps you relax and it helped with my sleep. 

I love the little stars and moon imprinted on this Bath Bomb it's so cute!!!

When this Bath Bomb is in the water it reminds me of Rasberry Ripple Ice Cream :). 

I would definitely buy this Bath Bomb again I love it and highly recommend it !!!

I really liked that it helped me Sleep because I struggle so much with my Sleep and anything that can help me whether it's Planet Spa Lavender Mist to Spray on your Pillow before you go to Sleep at night or a Lovely Lush Bath Bomb If it helps me Sleep it's worth every Penny. 

I feel like I have been walking around like a Zombie now for nearly 2 years I've always had trouble Sleeping  but It's just gotten so out of Control and that is never a good thing.

                                                                  As Always