Friday 25 December 2015

Christmas Eve , Early Xmas Presents

Hello Lovelies,

My Favourite time of the year has finally Arrived I think I prefer Christmas Eve other Christmas Day . 
I think I have Spoken about this in other Blog Posts but my Mum is from Germany so we keep some of the Tradition and ever since I was a Little Girl we got to open a Present on Christmas Eve. 

In Germany it's there Christmas on Christmas Eve my mum was telling me that they go to the church in the afternoon and while she was at church with her family her grandpa put the tree up (The Xmas Tree only goes up for 1 Day) so it looked all nice for when she came home from church then at around 5pm they would open their presents and at 7pm she would have to go to bed when she was a girl. 

I don't know if things are the same anymore you would think things have changed and that the people in Germany get a full day of Christmas like we do. 

Anyway on with the Post I went Food Shopping with Mum to get all the Christmas Shopping and then we got back to my mums and my two Nieces came to see us as we won't see them on Christmas Day which was nice. 
My Mum and I let them open their presents that we bought for them and we also opened ours from my sister. 

Which leads me onto this Blog  Post about what I got from my Sister for Christmas I knew what I was getting which takes most of the Fun out of Opening Presents but she did get me some Ferrero Roche Chocolates which are my Favourite Chocolates Ever!!!
I normally eat them while watching Christmas movies so I'm pleased she bought me these Chocolates. 

So here is what my sister bought me for Christmas 

I have wanted this Michael Kors Radiant Gold Perfume in such a long time it smells so Good. 

I just wish it wasn't so Small it's 30ML but looks a lot Smaller which is a Negative the Positive is that it's perfect size for Handbag 

It is quite an expensive perfume so I will probably save this one for best. I think it's going to look Stunning on my Dresser.

I will be doing a post on what I got for Christmas in the next few days also. 

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas.