Wednesday 4 November 2015

Primark Sportswear Haul

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are well, 

I went into Primark today I want to start going back to the Gym and I didn't have anything to wear. 
I have looked around in other Sports Shops such as JD Sports and Sports Direct and they had some lovely things but it would have just cost me too much. 
Primark Sportswear was well within my budget and I love everything that I got from there. 


These are the Work Out Pants I got well there more like Leggings In fairness I really like these they are comfortable to wear. 
I couldn't believe how reasonably priced these Work Out Pants/leggings were I saw some very similar in JD Sports they were Nike and they were £29.99 and these ones were just £6.00.

Next because I haven't been to the gym for awhile I no longer have a Sports Bra and I saw this Bright Pink Sports Bra and I loved the Print on it and love the fact that the Back Crosses over. 
I thought this would have been more Expensive then it was too I think it was a bargain at just £4.00.

This is what the back of the Sports Bra looks like I love the fact that the back crosses over like that I might even get another one of these Sports Bras as they are only £4.00

I absolutely love this Vest top its a Racer Back style vest top which I like I've always preferred these kind of vest tops over the normal ones. 

That's what the back of the vest top looks like 

So this is all my sportswear that I got when I was in Primark I did get a few other things that was in the the sale. 
I might keep this as Primark Sports Edition and talk about what I got in the Summer sale in a different post . 

Will keep you guessing if nothing else :)