Wednesday 4 November 2015

Bikini Collection Primark Summer Sale

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are all well, 

I thought I would show you my Bikini Collection that I got From Primark this Summer I was very surprised they even had anything in their store that Fitted me as a bigger busted woman I really do struggle to find Bra's and Bikini tops that fits me which really aggravates me if I could fix one thing it would be definitely to have a Breast Reduction but I have heard Horror Stories about what can go wrong so I think I'll just stay as Mother Nature intended. 
It would be great though to be able to go into a normal shop for swimwear rather then having to go somewhere like Bravissimo that do sell my size but are charging £40-£50 per Bikini its so ridiculous isn't it? 
I think my own saving grace was in the last 15 Months I've lost 1 and a half Stone so obviously some of that has come of my chest and made me a Smaller Cup Size so I can just about fit in some of Primarks bikinis not the Triangle style ones though the Bandeau (Boob Tube) Style ones. 

Primark had a massive sale on when I went in a couple of months ago because it was coming to the end of summer and most of the bikinis were like £2 for the tops and £2 for the bottoms so I pretty much grabbed what they had. 
I got some separates as well a few bikini bottoms that I could not find tops to go with I figured I could mix and match or wear vest tops or crop tops when I'm just lounging by the pool 

I'm planning on going to see my friend very soon hopefully in Australia if things work out so I needed as many bikinis as I could lay my hands on but I didn't want to pay the hefty price tag so these are ideal. 

This one I'll be honest I really wasn't sure about it was one of the last bikinis I bought I kept umming and ahhing about it. 
Originally it was one of the most expensive bikinis I looked at probably because of the cutout detail on it the top should have been £6 and the bikini bottoms should have been £4 which compared to the other bikinis I thought was too expensive and wasn't sure about the colour so I left it but every time I went in Primark I went back to look at it then one day they had reduced it with some other bikinis to £2 for the bikini top and £2 for the bikini bottoms which was a big drop so I tried it on and it looked quite nice so I decided to buy it. 

The vest top in this photo I only bought the other day it was only £1 and I thought it would make a nice cover up to go over this bikini. 
This is one of my favourites I'm sure I paid full price for this bikini as I loved the bright colours in it and I don't think it was that expensive. 

Yes the label says the bikini top was £4 and the bikini bottoms were £3 I'm almost positive I paid full price for this set as it was only £7 and I loved it as soon as I saw it. 
I really like the detail on the bikini bottoms on the sides of the bikini bottoms. 

When I bought the bright coloured bikini above I saw this peach one first I loved the design on it so I decided to get this one as well. 

I think these 2 Bikinis are the only ones I paid full price for the others were £2 for the bikini top and £2 for the bikini bottoms. 

Like the one above it was £4 for the top and £3 for the bikini bottoms both these sets awe so similar on the bikini bottoms they have the same straps on either side it's a small detail but I really like it. 

I love this paisley print design on this bikini its nice and bright and I like this bikini because it's a completely different style to the others. 
I couldn't believe this was only £4 for the set. 

Now we are moving onto the separates I got these bikini bottoms before I even got any bikinis from Primark and I was disappointed because I really liked the print and they didn't have the matching bikini tops anymore but the bikini bottoms were only £1 so I thought I would get them anyway and if I got a plain Bikini top which I didn't I could wear it and mix and match. 
Instead what I have decided to do is when I'm just lounging about I could wear it with this cute Bandeau top which I got in the sale but that was from Select not Primark. 

More separate bikini bottoms I love the style and I think this cropped cami top will look really good with it and I can also team these bikini bottoms with the peach bikini top I know it's not the same print but sometimes that can look pretty cool (edgy) 

This Bandeau top is cute I bought it from Select in the sale again I'll only shop in the sales these days this is what you have to do when your on a budget. 
I saw these cute mint green bikini bottoms in Primark yesterday when I was looking for a new bra and thought they would go really well with the top. 
I love the way these bikini bottoms tye at the sides with the knots . 

I also saw these white bikini bottoms and I love the Gold design on the sides and they had gone down to £1 as well so I thought I would buy these as well. 
I knew I had this bright pink bandeau top and thought it would go well together and I think it does and because these bikini bottoms are quite plain they can also be mixed up with a bikini top of if I run out of bikini bottoms to wear. 

Firstly let me talk about this purple bralet I think that's what they are called I have so much love for it and I've actually worn it already. 
I got this from New Look in the sale and it's such a shame they didn't have any more in different colours I absolutely love it. 

Onto the bikini bottoms I got these for £1 as well and love the design on the side it's so pretty and like the other white bikini bottoms they are quite plain so I could also wear these with another bikini top . 

So that's it for my bikini collection I know it probably seems like a bit much but I'm not sure on how many bikinis I'll need and I only have 4 the rest are just separate bikini bottoms. 

For the whole of these bikinis it didn't cost me what one bikini would cost so I am grateful that I have lost that little bit of weight and could fit into these Primark bikinis. 

I just need to find a couple of throws to go over the bikinis I did see a nice one in Primark but I decided to leave it and when I came back for it they had no more left just typical isn't it. 
I'm sure I'll be able to get a couple in Australia probably cheaper then they are here too.
 when I go it will be summer but it won't be overly hot which is good because i can't stand the heat when its so hot. 

Thanks For Reading.....