Tuesday 3 November 2015

Manicure Monday Perrie Little Mix Nails

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are well hope you have all enjoyed your weekend. 

Sorry not posted in awhile I've just had so much going on the last few weeks I've been an emotional wreck so i've not really been focusing on my blog as much. 

I was due to post this Manicure Monday post yesterday so it's a bit late oops :(.

These are the nail I wanted originally when I bought Leigh-Anne's Little Mix Press On Nails.
I think they are simply stunning and like the Leigh-Anne Little Mix Nails I managed to pick these up for £1 at Poundworld. 

So Icf you want to try these Little Mix Nails I would check out your local Poundworld first.

At Boots and Superdrug these Nails are £6.99 to buy which I always thought was expensive but that's because I am always buying my False Nails from Primark and they are only £1.
Primark nails never last though I am lucky if I get 1 or 2 days from Primark Nails and when I use them for a night out I have to take the Glue because later on in the evening the Nails tend to come off and with these Little Mix Nails not only did they stay on the whole night they lasted for Days afterwards.

I would Definitely purchase these False Nails again I would even go so far as to say I would buy these at full price I was that impressed with the Quality and how they looked. 

The Nails lasted on me about 5 Days which I thought was really good as you don't get that out of some nail polishes and this is a much Prettier Manicure with all the Stars and the Gradients of Blue Glitter on the Nails. 

I think these nails would look perfect for a special occasion or even for a girls night out it's something different for your nails. 

It looks like you have spent hours on your nails when literally it has taken you less time to do then it would take you to paint your nails which I'm a big fan of :).

If you haven't tried these Nails yet I would really Reccomend them for me there was only one  Negative which was they weren't as Sturdy as the other Little Mix Nails that I bought which I found strange as they were the same brand. 

Still for £1 they were worth a try :).