Thursday 5 November 2015

November Favourites and Empties Loving Lush

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are all well,
Can you believe we are in November already this year has gone far too quick before we know it Christmas will be here.

Today I thought I would Share some of my Favourites from this month and also a Few Empties that I have used up.
My Favourites are from Lush I have heard so many great things about Lush Bath Bomb's but never tried them last month I made two Seperate Visits so I will talk about the Bath Bombs first and what my thought on them are.

The Idea behind these Bubble Bars if you have not used them before is to just break what you want off for your Bath. 
I like quite a lot of Bubbles in my bath as you can see from my Bath that's why I broke a Third of the Bubble Bar off.
If you don't like that many Bubbles it will last you a lot longer but Whatever you do don't forget to Crumble it as your Water is running I made the Mistake of throwing it in like a Bath Bomb. 
So then I had to get it out of the bath and Crumble it when it was all Soggy and Wet not Pleasant :). 

If  you don't crumble the bubble bath bars they just fall to the bottom of the water and do nothing so the crumbling of the bubble bath bar is essential. 

This Little Ickle Robot Bath Bomb is for Children really it Soothes them and helps them sleep. 
When I saw it I knew I had to try it my Insomnia has been out of Control lately and at this point I am Prepared to give anything a try. 
It did actually help me a little I got more sleep then I usually do so I would definitely get this again it's so cute as well. 
It has Lavender and Chamomile which are Ingredients that help you Sleep. 

I love how it makes your bath as blue as the ocean I love being by the water :). 
This is why I probably love my baths as much as I do. 

The Little Ickle Robot swims around like a little fish which is nice if you have bought this for a younger person.
This was the cheapest and smallest bath bomb that I got it was £1.95 which was worth every penny as it helped me sleep :)

My favourite so far by a mile is definitely this Think Pink Bath Bomb it feels strange getting into a pink bath but it's so gorgeous as the water is flowing onto the bath bomb little confetti hearts come out from the bath bomb. SUPER CUTE ....

The scent of this bath bomb is vanilla and Tonka this is definitely one I would say try it don't let the pinkness of the water put you off :).

I thought I would get in the Christmas spirit early and try this  Dashing Santa Bath Bomb when the water is running it Actually Dashes across the water it's so cute. 
This is another Bath Bomb i think would make an ideal gift if you have a younger relative. 

This bath bomb is full of citrus scents it reminds me of Christmas just by the scent of it. 

I think it's lovely how the little Santa dashes across the water this bath bomb took a lot longer to melt into the water so as I was in water it was dashing all over the place which was quite fun to watch. 

I love this Star Bath Bomb it's called Star Dust the scent is Vanilla and Peruvian Rosewood this is another of my Favourites as the Bath Bomb flows round the Watet Glitter comes out of the Bath Bomb. 

Even before you put this bath bomb in the water you can see the gorgeous glitter on the star :).

I love the fact that this bath bomb makes your Water as Blue as the Ocean and of course all the Glittet that's in the Water. 

Last but certainly not least we have Butter Ball which smells of Shea butter and coconut it's a really good bath bomb if you have dry skin as it makes your skin lovely and smooth. 
It smells so lovely as well. 

There isn't much of a colour with this bath bomb which can be a good thing if you don't like baths that have red or pink waters :).

So that's all the bath bombs I have tried in the last month I didn't get them all at once they were bought on 2 seperate visits to the store. 

On my first visit I got so much help from the assistants they told me about the history of some of the bath bombs and showed me how the Bubble bars worked which was very helpful :). 

I don't know how I got by with just normal bubble baths LUSH baths are the best so relaxing and more to the point they are helping me sleep :).

This wasn't really supposed to be a review on LUSH products but I thought seen as I have used all the products I would talk about them :).

Now that I have Talked about my Favourites of this Month i will go on to talk about the Empties that I have used up this month  I will try and keep it brief as this Post is much longer then I wanted it to be. 

I use these wipes all the time from Primark but I never saw these Face and Body Wipes I think there really great value and really handy for Travelling as you get both Face and Body Wipes so if your on a long haul or overnight flight these are really useful and there really refreshing too. 

These are another of my Favourite Wipes that I use from Primark perfect for my skin as it can be quite Sensitive. 

Again you get 2 Packs of these for £1.

I have been using these Shampoo & Conditioner recently it prolongs coloured hair really well and smells gorgeous. 

I love that the shampoo and conditioner have Argan oil in it too makes your hair silky smooth. 

I got these quite awhile ago when they were on Special Offer I think I only paid £1.89 each for the shampoo & Conditioner. 

I have loved using Far Away Perfume from the Avon since I was Fifteen I remember I used to wear it for school :). 
This Roll On Deodrant smells exactly like Far Away Perfume and it was only £1. 
Such a lovely fresh feminine scent I would definitely buy this Deodrant again. 

Last but certainly not least this is one of my Favourite Foundations Infact it's probably my favourite. 
I love the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation it feels so Natural and Light on the Skin. 
This is the Perfect Match for my Skin Tone as well I've run out of it now so I'll have to see if I can pick up some more. 

Sorry this post has been so long but I really wanted to talk about the Lush Products that I have been trying.