Friday 6 November 2015

Primark Summer Sale Haul

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are well, 

I got a couple of summer clothes in the End Of Summer Sale this is probably going to be a really short post. 


I wanted these Blue Denim Shorts when I saw them a few months ago but they were £15 and even though this is very Reasonable I couldn't really justify spending that amount of money on one thing at the time when I needed other things besides in the UK we don't get that much of a Summer. 

I love the lace on these shorts it makes them looks so cute. 

I could not believe they had been Reduced down to £2 in the Sale so I had to get them they were the last pair and they are a little bit too big but as my mum says it's nothing a belt won't fix :).

I am so glad I did wait and didn't pay the Full Price for these Shorts I might have to get them taken in if I lose more Weight but that will only cost me a couple of pound I know quite a good Tailor

I then saw this Cute White Crop Vest Top that had also been reduced in the Sale it was only £1 which is very cheap for a top. 

I think this White Crop Top will look really nice with these Shorts. 

Thanks For Reading......