Thursday 19 November 2015

Small Primark & Poundworld Haul

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Today I thought I would Share with you my Primark and Poundworld Haul its only a small one but I've not done one in awhile and I thought I would show you what I got.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you will know how much I love my Accessories mainly statement necklaces but every once in awhile when I'm in Primark they have rings that catch my attention and when I saw these little beauties I had to buy them. 

I love them both but my favourite is definitely the one on the left with the pastel coloured stones it's just so different . 
Then again so is the other one I don't have any rings like this in my jewellery box they look so pretty on too. 

I will insert photos down below.......

How pretty does that ring look it's just so beautiful.....

I also really love this ring it so unique and different from any of the rings in my collection not that I have many statement pieces as I wear my Pandora rings on a daily basis. 

I then saw this brush Primark have called it a Foundation Powder Brush but I am going to use it for contouring it's ideal for that. 

I wasn't sure when I saw this brush as it was only £1.50 so I wasn't sure if it would be any good on first impressions though it looks okay. 

I will give a review on this brush after I have trailed it out. 
I have tried one of primarks eyeshadow brushes in the past and that was quite good so I'm hoping this powder brush will be equally good if not better . 
I then saw these pencils I have wanted a highlighter pencil for awhile and I saw that a white pencil also came in the pack with a sharpener for just £1 which I thought was great value so o thought I would give these a try as well. 

So here is the brush out of the packet the bristles aren't too soft so I think it would make a really good contour brush. 
It's going to be interesting to try it and see if it works as well as I imagine it to work in my mind . 

Here are the Pencils so you get the nice white one that makes your eyes appear more vibrant and using white can make you appear more wide awake if you put this in your waterline. 

The hilighter pencil is to highlight my arch near my brows and maybe the corner of my eyes and it's really handy that you get a pencil sharpener with it too all for £1. 

Then we move onto Pounland World I got this Chapstick my lips have been getting so dry and normally I don't like these Chapstick type of products a lot of them dry my lips out even more like the Nivea ones I've tried pretty much all of them and I just can't use them. 

so I either use a really moisturised lipstick or a lip gloss.

When I saw this Chapstick I thought I would give it  try because it had 2 flavours in the one Chapstick Which I Really liked it's strawberry on one side and Bananna on the other so I'm looking forward to trying that out and seeing if that helps with my chapped lips. 

Then I saw the Maybeline BB Creams and I do love using BB Creams especially when it's hot I hate wearing foundation when it's hot.
So far I've only found one BB Cream that I really like and I did a review on it quite awhile ago when I went to Bury Market my mum treated me to some make up and I found this BB Cream by LOOK and it really is the best one I've tried and I have tried a few in my time. 

I like the fact that this Maybeline one is a Mineral BB Cream I'm looking forward to trying it out and doing a review for you and if I don't like it it's only £1 wasted normally a product like this would probably cost £6 or £7 with it being Maybeline but the products are shipped from another country as it looks like the writing is mandarin. 

I then saw these beautiful nail polishes and could not believe that they put 3 in a pack and it was only £1 for all 3 Nail Polishes I can't wait to try all of these colours out I lol them all. 

I think they are the equivalent to Rimmels 60 Second Nail polishes because these are from the NYC in a New York minute so they dry in a minute. 
I love fast drying nail polish there is nothing worse then waiting for your nail polish to dry. 

The colours are Lincoln Square Lavender - 264 it's such a gorgeous pink not too light and not too dark I don't think I have this colour in my collection and I have a lot of colours. 

Next is a gorgeous Purple colour it actually matches the colour of my signature on my blog posts that colour is called Battery Park Purple - 266 

Finally there is a gorgeous glitter purple and that is called Big City Dazzle - 276 I'm so looking forward to trying these colours out and reviewing thenm for Manicure Monday so watch this Space to hear my thoughts on them. 

The last thing that I got from Pound World was this docking stand for my iPhone it's easier for it to stand and my lead is so short I have to charge it on the floor and I had visions of me standing on it so when I saw this I picked it up not expecting it to be much good but it's actually okay. 
According to the box you can use this docking station for iPhone 5/5s, iPad Mini & IPad Air. 
Charging an IPad mini might be okay with this docking Station not sure I would charge my IPad Air with it though as its so much bigger then a IPad Mini and the docking station is not that big and doesn't look strong enough to hold it . 

So here is the Chapstick, Nail Polish and BB Cream out of the packaging thought I would show you what the products looked like. 
Aren't those NYC Nail Polish Colours Gorgeous? 
I tried the Chapstick and both flavours are lovely and the Chapstick feels pretty moisturising too. 

That's what the docking station looks like I think it's a pretty neat idea. 

The docking stations are just like the USB chargers they have the little pin to put your phone into so it will charge then you can either plug it into a laptop with the USB or if you have a plug for your iPhone you can take the original lead out and use that. 

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