Thursday 19 November 2015

Review On Sam Faiers Secret and Lies Book

Hello Lovelies,

I've been awake since 4am there is only so much stirring at the ceiling a person can tolerate so I decided I would do a quick blog post about this book that I have been reading by Sam Faiers (towie) called Secrets and Lies.

It has took me so long to read this book not because I haven't enjoyed it I have loved reading it but because of some issues I had to deal with and every time I picked the book up I could not concentrate for long periods of time which really is a shame as I love reading so much.

Anyway I really did enjoy reading this book it's very easy reading and a book I definitely recommend especially if you are a fan of (towie) like I am.
Sam has always been one of my favourite characters from the show she just seems so Lovely and Down to Earth and her sister Billie who is still in the show is that way too they both just seem so Lovely.

I read Sam's first book which was called Living Life The Essex Way which was a good read but this book that I read of hers Secrets and Lies was just so much better maybe because there was more in there about her relationship with Joey Essex and how much was truth to what was printed and even discussed on the show.

I also liked reading about how she got started in Business first with her shop which everyone knows from the show Minnies now I always thought that the shop was jointly owned by Sam and Billie but no it's a Family shop owned by Sam, Billie their Mum and their Aunty which I think is really nice.

I liked that she spoke about her Illness in her book if you watched Big Brother when Sam was in it you will have seen that she wasn't her usual bubbly self that we saw when she was on Towie and that was because she was so ill.

The media had a bit of a field day with her saying that she was paid to be in the show and do a job  but she was not being entertaining enoug  and the viewers didn't feel like she was doing the job that she was being paid to do.

What no one knew at the time though Is Sam was having Serious health concerns and no one actually knew what the issue was  which must have been so scary for her she was admitted to hospital and had numerous tests and they only actually found out what was wrong with her when she left the show I thought she was very brave staying till the end like she did and it shows real strength of character.

Sam could have just decided to leave Big Brother but she stayed right to the end and while some people would say that's her job that is what she got paid for and I agree to a certain extent she was seriously ill so she could have left at any moment.

When she got diagnosed with Crohns Disease she spoke about it very openly and helped other people that suffer with the same condition she spoke how she is learning to manage it and that gave comfort to people who have Crohns I think it's great when someone in the public eye has a condition not that they have the condition but that they talk about it openly and get people to recognise it's a genuine condition like the time Stephen Fry opened up about his Mental Health Illness that he has had pretty much half of his life people with Mental Illness can relate to him more now and he has become a role model.

I didn't know this but Sam Faiers also has a Fitness website it's Subscription Based so you sign up for a fee and then you can access to Diet Plans, Exercise Routines, and more. 
You can sign up for a 7 Day Free Trial which I might do I am going to post the link down below just incase you want to check it out for yourselves.

So this concludes my book review it wasn't as short as I wanted it to be but it really is a good read if you like reading books like this then you should go read it :-)