Friday 16 October 2015

Review On Leigh-Anne Elegant Touch Nails

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are well, 

I recently featured these Press On Nails that Leigh-Anne designed with Elegant Touch. 
All of the girls from Little Mix have designed there own and normally I wouldn't go out of my way to buy these because they are quite pricey. 

They are £6.00 which I know isn't that much but I seen these in my local Poundland and i thought I would pick them up and do a Review for you.

I have already done a First Impression Post when I briefly talked about the Nails and my thoughts on them and now I would like to tell you about how much wear I got out of them etc. 

I know that you have seen them before but here is a photo. 

I really like these Nails for a Girls Night Out they are very Bright and Fun but not so much for Everyday Wear. 

I love pretty much all the Nails apart from the Bright Green Nails they are a bit Too Much for during the day with their Neon/Bright Colours. 

I got so many Compliments whilst I was wearing these nails people actually thought I had done this Nail Art myself If only I was so Talented I could do the Dot Nail Art no problems but I would probably find the Aztec Print Design very Tricky to do. 

When I got these Nails I was Slightly disappointed that they didn't come with any Nail Glue and they came with the Double Sided Adehesive Stickers which I didn't think would hold how they proved me wrong :). 

I was very Impressed with these Nails on the Pack it does say that you can get up to 7 Days Wear from these Nails but I didn't think the Adehesive Stickers would last for that Length of time. 
I wore them for 6 Days Straight and they were still going Strong I could have easily got Another 2-3 Days Wear out of these Nails. 

When I took the Nails off I was Impressed that they didn't Bend like other Nails I have tried and that is what you get from Buying a little more Expensive. 

I would definitely Purchase more from the Little Mix Line or even just from the Elegant Touch Line. 

I know they are more Expensive but isn't it worth paying that if they stay on your nails and you don't have to carry Nail Glue around with you like I have had to do on Nights Out :). 

I would Definitely Recommend these Nails if you have thought about trying them but before you go to Boots or Superdrug go to your local Poundland this is where I picked mine up.

I really don't think I would have paid £6 for these nails as I do think it's a little bit Pricey but knowing how well they hold up I think they are Great Value and If you look after them you can Use them Again so it makes these Nails even if they are Full Price great Value for Money. 

Other Artificial Nails that I have used in the Past I have never been able to use twice because they have bent and if I do manage to keep all the Nails on my Fingers by some Miracle they only last 2-3 Days Max. 
Then when I take the Artifical Nails off my Fingers there is tons of Hard Glue on the Nail so you wouldn't be able to use them again 

So now if I saw a Design I really liked and It was for a Special Occasion and I wanted to make a Statement and I could not find these Nails anywhere else Cheaper I would pay the £6.  

***Disclaimer*** These are my own thoughts and opinions on this product it is not a sponsored post. I just thought I would do a review for you all to read.