Wednesday 7 October 2015

My Blog Planner

Hello Lovelies,

Hope your well

Not really done much this past week apart from changing my template for my blog I wanted a more professional look and I am so happy with this template. 
I got it from Minty Fox Designs there templates are so cute and they are so helpful if you need any technical help.

A few people of commented on my blog and that it is looking different so I decided to start this post by writing that my blog theme has been changed your eyes are not deceiving you(:

Onto this post I have been thinking about getting a personalised planner for my blog for sometime now and I came across this website that does some AMAZING Planners but they also do an online planner and that's a service that is completely Free Of Charge you just need to create an account which I thought I would try out.

I think it's a great idea to have this little Blog Planner in your Sidebar it lets your readers know what you plan to talk about on your blog 

The name of the company is called 
At the moment there is only two entries as I only put this weeks Blog Post in there yet and I'm unsure of what I will be writing about on Friday. 

The Link to Personal-planner is below

This wasn't a planned post I was just so excited to talk to you all about this website that I had found go check it out and create your Personalised Blog Planners Create Something Wonderful. 

I absolutely love this personalised blog it's so pretty and so inspirational 

***Disclaimer*** These are my own opinions on the products on the website I think it's a really good idea to be able to put your personal blog planner onto your blog to show your readers what you will be talking about and also I really love the products on the website this is not a paid or sponsored post.