Tuesday 6 October 2015

Manicure Monday Leigh-Anne Little Mix Nails Created By Elegant Touch

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you enjoyed your weekend this post is a little bit late going up here so this week I guess it's more Manicure Tuesday I had quite a busy day yesterday I didn't stop all day. 

Today Instead of just doing a Manicure with Nail Polishes I  thought I would show you some nail art in the form of Little Mix Pressed Nails which I picked up they were created by Elegant Touch. 

I have wanted to try these false nails of Little Mix for quite awhile but they are quite expensive in Boots & Superdrugs and then I saw them in Poundland I just had to try them.

I have just been onto the Boots Website and they are £6.00 which isn't very Expensive but why pay £6.00 when you can buy them for £1.00

All of Little Mix have created different designs and I'm sure it was Jades Design that I really liked I'll have a look and leave the link down below.

I tried to find the nails that I saw previously and really liked but boots no longer sell them and they have brought new Designs out and I'm not too Crazy about any of the new designs if I am being honest they are Designs that have been Created for Winter so they are very Black and I like Pastel Colours If I am going to be wearing False Nails. 

On first impressions I think these nails are really fun especially for a night out with the girls there so different and don't take that long to apply. 

I love the colours on these nails my favourite one because there all different Patterns has got to be the nail I'm wearing on my thumb it's like an Aztec Print Design. 

The design of this particular nail set reminds me of the flag for Gay Pride or a Carnival there so Bold and Pretty. 

I think when you wear these nails you definitely make a Statement. 

I was quite surprised by these Nails as most False Nails I buy there not Strong and they Bend relatively easy but these ones feel really Strong like they won't Snap or Break easily which I love . 

Your supposed to get up to 7 Days of wear out of these False Nails I'm not too sure about that I'll keep you updated. 

That's the pros to these nails there is one con for me and that's you don't get glue with these false nails you get those sticky adhesives and they are so fiddly I was struggling a bit to get them on and cursing the nails while I was struggling(:
I much prefer the nail glue that you normally get with false nails. 

This is the only thing that I don't really like about these nails I put them on late Sunday Night and I had a busy day today and all of them are still on my nails so that's a good sign. 

We are on Tuesday today so these nails have stayed on for 2 Days which is really good the ones from Primark that I normally get start to come off after the second day so it does pay to pay that little extra. 

Have you tried these little mix false nails if so what's your first impressions on them?