Saturday 10 October 2015

How I cope with Anxiety and Depression

Hello Lovelies,

Today I thought I would do a different post which I'm a little Nervous about and that's about how I have been Coping with Anxiety and Depression

I think Anxiety and Depression should be talked about more there is such a huge stigma attached to Anxiety/depression (all mental illness ) really and it needs to be stopped and it can only be stopped if we talk about this so here I am talking about something other then beauty and something that is very personal to me. 

I hope I do this blog post the justice that it deserves!

Here are some images that have really inspired me to share with you about what I am going through. 

I really do think mental Health needs to be Spoken about more for it to be Accepted we have still a long way to go there is so much Ignorance around mental health. 

You wouldn't ignore someone who broke there leg or had major surgery so why ignore mental illness. This should not be IGNORED either. 
In an ideal world there would be no ignorance/stigma around mental illness but unfortunately were not living in an ideal world. 

When I was looking for Images to put into this post I came across this one of Stephen Fry he is a True Inspiration he has suffered with Mental Illness for most of his Life. 
It wasn't until he was 37 that is the age I am now he had an answer to what his illness was and that he had Bipolar Disorder.
I feel like you can't get a better Spokes Person for Mental Health then someone with his Celebrity Status and the fact that he has a Mental Illness himself.

I thought this was a good Image to add to the post as it shows how the Person with the Mental Illness feels but also on the other side it shows that Mental Illness is Treatable.

So I started this post about me and then I spoke about how important it is that we Accept people that are Struggling with Mental Illness.
So now is the time to tell you all a little of my Story and it doesn't come Natural at all writing about something that is so Personal I guess that is part of the Stigma and that is my own fear of what people will think of me. 

Last June something Life Changing happened to me and not in a good way that is all I want to say I don't want to tell you what it was that was so Life Changing all I want to talk about in this post is what happened after that event. 

I have always Suffered a little Depression ever since I was Bullied at High School I don't think I realised that I just thought I had ''Sad Days'' that is what I used to call them everyone gets them right?
That's what I thought anyway I never went to the doctor as I thought I could handle whatever this was that I was going through and they only happened every so often it wasn't like it was happening every day. 

Last year out of Nowhere these feelings that I just could not explain came out of nowhere I was actually at a loss of what I needed to do.

I could barely Function this is when I realised I couldn't just Ignore what I was going through so I went to the doctor and she was lovely we spoke about a Course of Treatment which wasn't that easy as I was taking other tablets and if I started to take Anti-depressants on top of the tablets I was already taking they could make me quite poorly so my Doctor decided on another course of Alternative Therapy which was Counselling and even though it was good to talk to someone Impartial the Depression is still there some Days are Good some really Bad.  

In December things took a turn for the Worse I had my very first Panic Attack I didn't know that is what it was at the time though. 

I had a nice time at my Nephew's seeing my Great Nephew at the time he was only a couple of months old  and then out of nowhere while I was walking home with my mum I was struggling to Breathe, I felt very Faint like I was Literally going to Pass Out, My heart was beating so fast and then came the waves of Nausea. 
In that moment when that happened I had never felt so ill in my life. 

I didn't go straight to my doctor I had 2 or 3 attacks  just like it before I went to see my doctor and then she explained to me that I was suffering from Panic Disorder and gave me some tablets and they manage the attacks Most of the time.

I have had the odd one or two since being on these tablets but now I know what it is I know that I have to wait for the feelings to pass and they do pass. 

So where I am at the moment with my Health I am waiting to see a Specialist about what type of anti-depressants will be best for me.
For such a long time I refused to accept that I needed this help but that is part of my own Fear of what it will mean for me to take these tablets. 

My Anxiety most of the time is controlled by the tablets I am taking. 

I am going to see someone in November about my lack of Sleep at the moment I am so Sleep Deprived on average per night I get 2 Hours Sleep. 
I just cannot function like this any more 
I would go so far to say it's beyond sleep deprivation I have Insomnia and it's getting worse not better. 

So lately I have been managing my depression and anxiety a lot better I have found a gym near where I live and it's very affordable £9.99pm.

That's just £2.50pw that is within everyone's budget and I have come to realise going to the gym is a real mood lifter.

Even though I am on a budget this has become a necessity to my health after every workout that I have done my mood has just lifted and I feel so much better about myself. 

I did use to Suffer In Silence but this is where the Silence ends helping to Stop the Stigma around Mental Health hope you will join me. 

I never thought I would Speak so Openly about something that is so Personal to me but if one person reads this and realises they are not Alone then it will have been worth it. 

Please don't suffer in silence go and talk to your doctor

Last but certainly not least I love Blogging and talking to all of you this has also helped with my Depression and Anxiety so much and I thank you all so much. 

Blogging in these last 6 Months has Definitely become a Big Part of my Life. 

I feel like it's more then a Passion it's becoming Part of who I am 

Thanks For Reading