Friday 4 September 2015

Tanya Burr Nail Polish Collection Haul Superdrug

Hello Lovelies,

I was in Superdrugs a few weeks ago just picking up a few toiletries that I needed when I saw these Tanya Burr Nail Polishes. 
I had wanted to try these Tanya Burr Nail Polishes since I heard about them but I thought they were quite expensive at £4.99 for these tiny bottles of polish. 
In these Nail Polishes You get 12ML of Product I have just checked my BarryM Nail Polishes as I thought you got more product in them but you actually get more product in these Tanya Burr Nail Polishes. 

Which shocked me because the bottles of Nail Polishes don't look as big as the BARRYM NAil Polishes you only get 10ML in BARRYM and you get 12ML in these Tanya Burr Nail Polishes. 

TANYA BURR has a new collection out at the moment and she has completely redesigned the packaging on her products so SUPERDRUG put these Nail Polishes on Sale so I bought these four as they were only £1 each and I thought it would be nice to try them and do a first impressions on the colours that I picked up and the packaging etc and then when I wear the polishes I will do a review on the colours and how long they last etc. 

So the colours that I chose were mainly WINTER COLOURS apart from the first one on the left which is a nice fluorescent coral pink that's more of a SUMMER COLOUR. 

The colours are BRIGHT AND EARLY (fluorescent coral pink ) an ideal colour for SUMMER it would look so nice with a Tan.

Next is a gorgeous RED I love my Red whether that is lipstick or nail polish and this Red looks like it's a really nice one this colour is called MISCHEIF MANAGED. 
I am wearing this colour today and it's such a pretty RED I can't wait to talk to you about it next Monday when I do my next MANICURE MONDAY

Then we have a colour called NEW YORK NIGHTS which is a lovely PLUM/BLACK colour I think I am going to do a manicure with this in 2 weeks so look out for my review on this then it's such a pretty colour
I don't think I have any colour like this in my nail polish collection. 

Finally the last colour that I picked up is called PENGUIN CHIC It's a really pretty BROWN/MAUVE COLOUR I'm looking forward to trying this colour too the only colour I'm not really sure about is the Flourescent coral pink colour I'm unsure whether I will suit the colour because I have a really pale complexion. 

All the other colours though I'm really looking forward to trying. 

I think the packaging of these bottles of TANYA BURR NAIL POLISHES are so cute I love the hearts on the top of the bottles and the design on the front of the bottle too. 

The new design that Tanya Burr has done for her new collection I'm not sure I like it as much as I like these bottles because the new design is more square and would take up more room where as these are quite compact.

I will be giving full reviews on all of these Nail Polishes at a later date this is just a first impressions on the TANYA BURR NAIL POLISHES that I picked up from SUPERDRUG......

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