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Sinful Nail Polish Collection/Roo Travel Nail Polish Case

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Today I thought I would do a post on my Sinful Nail Polish Collection
I have had these Nail Polishes for quite awhile now, maybe 2 Years ever since I did my Beauty Therapist Course at College

I have this lovely case also to make it easier to Travel with the case is a lovely Black and White Zebra Printt the case is designed by Roo
I believe I picked this Roo Zebra Print Case from Ebay

There are 20 Nail Polishes in this Roo Travel Case and I love pretty much all of them I will leave Photos below. 

The top of the case is made out of a mesh so you can see the tops of the bottle of the Sinful Nail Polish Bottles

I love the Reverse Side of this Roo Zebra Nail Polish Collection Case it's so cute
The top of the Case is made out of a Mesh so you can see the Tops of the Bottles of the Sinful Nail Polish Bottles.

Inside the case there is a Sponge with holes in it for the nail polish to sit in and there are enough room for 20 Nail Polishes.

So here are the Nail Polishes that I have in my collection I will list the colours down below. 
I do love them all, I bought them from boots but I think the line has been discontinued now as boots no longer sell Sinful Colours Nail Polish Collection. 
Which Is a real shame as I love them so much....

Here are the names of all of the colours in my collections and my thoughts on each one.....

There are 4 Rows of Sinful Nail Polishes and they all have 5 Nail Polishes in each Row.

First Row Colours - Darks

The 1st Colour In this Row is a lovely Red Colour called Sugar Sugar - 839 it really is a gorgeous Red quite a Christmas colour. 

The 2nd Colour in this Row is an even brighter red called Thimbleberry - 108 I love my Red Nail Polishes and this is another Gorgeous Red but this one is Glitter Free....#

The 3rd Colour in this Row is a Nice Black everyone needs a nice Black Nail Polish in their Collection and this is one of my Favourites to Use it is called Blackout Black - 103

The 4th colour in this Row is another Black but like the First Red Colour it has Flecks of Glitter in it So Pretty and the Colour is called Secret Admirer 

The 5th Colour in that Row is a really Pretty Deep Purple Colour Called Lets Talk it's just the most Gorgeous Purple I Love it!!!

Second Row Colours Pastels -

The 1st Colour in the Second Row Is a Gorgeous Pink Colour called Pink Forever - 313 such a Pretty Feminine Pink another colour that I love so much.

The 2nd Colour in the Second Row is a really nice Lavender Purple Colour and I am actually Wearing it today this Colour is a Colour I would Definitely Recommend if you can get hold of it, the Colour is Called Candy Coated -1174

The 3rd Colour in this Second Row is a really Pale Blue it's Almost Identical to the Ciate Colour I have in Ferris Wheel I will have to do a Comparison Review on both these Products now I have noticed they are Similar in Colour. This Colour is called Be Happy - 982

The 4th Colour in this Second Row is Another Pale Blue but again this has Flecks of Glitter running through it and is Called Cinderella - 1106 
I can see why now as it really does look like Cinderella's dress when she goes to the Ball.

The 5th Colour in this Second Row is a Vibrant Lime Green if truth be told this is one of those colours that is not on my Favourites list but it would look Beautiful on someone who has a nice Golden Tan and is the Perfect Colour for Summer. This Colour is called Innocent - 944

Third Row Colours Lights

The First Colour in the Third Row is a Beautiful Brown Colour I normally don't Wear Browns but I really love this Colour it's called Vacation Time -264 (if only) feels so long since I had a Holiday it's nearly 2 Years and even though it's not that long feels like Forever.

The 2nd Colour in the Third Row is a Gorgeous Light Beige Colour again I don't normally Wear Colours this Light but this is another Colour that I really Love. This Colour is called Easy Going - 300

The 3rd Colour in the Third Row is a Vibrant White and just like the Black every Nail Polish Collection needs a really good White in it and to be honest I had forgotten about this White that I had this Colour is called Snow Me White - 101

The 4th Colour in this Third Row is the Same Colour Snow me White I have two bottles for some Reason.

The 5th Colour in this Third Row is a Coral/Orange Colour which again is not one of my Favourite Colours to Wear but it is Perfect for the Summer and when you have that nice glow this Colour is called Hazard - 952

Fourth Row Colours  Glitters - 

The 1st Colour in the Fourth Row is a Gorgeous Green Glitter (all these colours by the way are used as Top Coats) I love using all these Glitters it turns Boring Manicures into Manicures that have the Wow Factor this Colour is called Call You Later - 932

The 2nd Colour in this Fourth Row is a Gorgeous Blue Green Colour I guess you could call it Sea Green and this is called Nail Junkie - 927 I love this Glitter.

The 3rd Colour in this Fourth Row is one of my Favourite Glitters it is a Gorgeous Purple Colour looks a little like a Disco Ball the Colour is called Frenzy - 922

The 4th Colour in this Fourth Row is a Gorgeous Blue Colour this one is called Hottie - 831

Last but certainly not least the 5th Colour in the Fourth Row is a Gorgeous Green Glitter which is the Darker Green then before the 1st Green Glitter was more of a Lime Green and this one is more of a Forest Green

So there you go my lovelies this is my collection of the Sinful Nail Polish Collection? 

Have you tried any of the Sinful Nail Polish Collection if so what are your thoughts do you rate or hate them? 

What Can I say about the Roo Nail Polish Case ?

Well what I could say about this Case is it's Very Cute, it's really Sturdy Material I have had it about 2 Years now and there are no Rips in the Case it's not been Damaged in anyway so I think they are Worth the Money they are not too Expensive if you buy them off Ebay so if you need one maybe check there out first rather then going to a Beauty Supply Expert like Sally's as you will probably find it Cheaper on Ebay. 
I think these Carry Cases are really good for Students that are going into Beauty Therapy as you can Fill it Up like I did and not rely on your Tutors Supply of Nail Polish which is very Limited and a lot of the time the Nail Polishes are Dry
When I was Studying the best Nail Polishes were always gone by the time I got to get mine this is why I started bringing my own to Class. 
So yes I think this Carry Case and Nail Polish Collection was a very good Investment 

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