Wednesday 16 September 2015

Rimmel Glitter Bomb Bedazzle Nail Polish Review

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are all well today. 

I have wore this top Rimmel bedazzled top coat now a few times so I thought I would write a short review on it . 

So here is what it looks like I had been wanting to try this for awhile but never got around to buying it I just thought it was a normal top coat nothing special until I saw a photo of this colour on top of another colour by Rimmel which is called Mary Mary quite contrary (I'm still trying to get that colour) I have looked in superdrug and boots they just don't have it which is a real shame because both of these colours looked really nice together. 

Anyway back to this lovely Rimmel Glitter Bomb Bedazzle Top Coat

I have a few glitter nail polishes in my collection now but this is by far the nicest glitter top coat and it's one that I would definitely recommend it and would definitely be a product that I would repurchase. 

This glitter top coat looks lovely with any base coat nail polish I have been using a lot of summer colours with this glitter bomb top coat. 
I have tried different colours with this top coat and it looks lovely with all the colours that I have tried.
I'll try some autumn/winter colours and see what this top coat looks like with them and post the photos to Instagram. 

I have tried a lot of these glitter top coats in the past and hardly any glitter comes out on the brush but on this Rimmel one so much comes out on the brush. 
I love the colours of Glitter that you get in this top coat you get pinks, blues, and purples it looks lovely in the light . 

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