Friday 18 September 2015

Make Up Revolution Order

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A while ago Make Up Revolution had a summer sale on some of their make up so I decided to place a small order.

I'll post the photos down below and talk to you about my First Impressions on these products.
I've not really tried these products yet so I can't give a full in depth review just yet but I thought i would do some Swatches for my Blog and do a First Impressions Review on these Products. 

I saw this on the Make Up Revolution Website its really Handy for Travelling with you it has everything that you would possibly need from the Eyebrow Wax & Powders to 3 really nice Eyeshadows and 2 Pretty Hilighters. 
You also get the Tweezers and a Brush to Apply the Wax and Eye Brow Powder. 

I can't remember how much this was but I got it in the sale and think it was around £3. 

I absolutely love this Palette its pretty much what it says on the Tin so to speak it's a Small Palette that you can basically use on the Go it has everything you would need to do your Face Make-Up. 
You get a really nice Rosy Pink Blusher a Matt Bronzer a really Pretty Shimmer High Light what I like about it  is you get quite a lot of Product in the Highlighter which is nice. 
Then you have a Base Coloured Eye Shadow and 5 Shimmer Eyes shadows very pretty colours from very light Browns to golden & Copper colours. 

It's not very often that you get a Palette like this with Eyeshadows, Blush, Bronzer & Highligher in the one Small Palette this size. 

This is another Palette from the Go To Range this Palette is called Go To Heaven another pretty palette. 
You get 18 Eye Shadows and 1 Blusher the Eyeshadows are very Neutral you get some Shimmers 11 in total and 6 Matt Eyeshadows plus 1 Small hilighter 

I've not really tried any of these palettes but on first impressions they look lovely I will give a more in depth review at a later date. 

As you can see from the swatches some of them look quite powdery they are the Matt colours once I do the reviews I'll give you my thoughts on this. 

Next  is the I Am Naked Palette out of all these palettes that I am showing you this is one that I have used quite a few times and I do quite like it. 
It's another Neutral Palette with 3 Matte Colours and 3 Shimmer Eyeshadows also you get a Lipstick in this Palette which is quite nice. 
When I use this Palette though I tend to use the Lipstick from the other Palette I think it's called I am Poweful with that Palette you get a Deep Plum Colour which goes really nice with the Colours from this Nude/Neutral Palette. 

The Matte colours are pretty chalky I'm not too sure about the lighter matte colours but I do like the brown I think it's really pretty.

The shimmer colours I like them all even though I have only used the light brown and the gold I've not done a look with grey colour yet. 
I think that would look really nice to do a smoky eye look.

This is the last Palette from Make Up Revolution it's called I Am Powerful this Palette is full of really pretty Purple Colours you can use these Colours to do a Smoky Eye Look because the colours are really Intense. 

The lipstick that you get In this Palette is Gorgeous i wouldn't wear this Lipstick with this Palette I would try a more Neutral Colour as the Eyeshadows are so Dark so I wouldn't want to pair the Eyeshadows with a Dark Lipstick. 

As you can see from the photos in this palette I haven't used it I just wanted to talk to you about the colours I'll be giving a more in depth review on my thoughts on all of these palettes when I have used them some more. 

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