Monday 28 September 2015

Manicure Monday Tanya Burr - New York Night

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you have had a great weekend that time of the week again.

I haven't really done that much this weekend my mum came round and treated me to a Takeaway on Friday which was lovely of her and we watched a film. 

On Sunday I went to my Nephews for awhile for a visit his Son (my great nephew) is at that wonderful age he's nearly 1 he's just starting to Walk he's such a Cutie. 

That lovely time of the week again Manicure Monday.....

Today is Another Tanya Burr FIrst Impressions/Review this time it's on this lovely Plum Colour which is called New York Night.

When I first bought it I thought it was Black I'm glad it's not as I have a few blacks in my Collection.
I don't think I have another colour like this in my collection. 

I didn't actually realise i didn't take the photos of my manicure until a couple of days after I had done my manicure and by then they had started chipping :(. 

Here are the photos....

Such a Gorgeous Colour it matches the Fleece on my Sofa that my mum recently bought me it's a really nice Deep Plum Colour. 

I do really like this New York Night Colour By Tanya Burr but like the other Tanya Burr Colour I got which was called Penguin Chic which was another Gorgeous Colour but like New York Night after a couple of days the Nail Polish started to Chip Away.....

I normally get 4 maybe 5 Days from my Nail Polish when I put 2 Coats of Nail Polish and a good Top Coat which I did I used the Top Coat that I always use. 

I was hoping it was just maybe the First Nail Polish I tried (Penguin Chic) but it must be the Formula of this Particular Nail Polish as both of these Nail Polishes have Chipped after the first two days of wearing it.

Would I Repurchase??

No I don't think I would Repurchase these items as they don't stay on the Nails for a long period of time plus when these Nail Polishes are being sold at Full Retail Price they are £4.99.

I'm glad I didn't pay RRP and I got them in the Sale for just £1.

I have got a couple of more of these Tanya Burr Nail Polishes that I will be Trialing & Reviewing but i think they are all going to be the same and Chip after 2 Days.

I will use these Nail Polish Colours till they are gone though because I love the colours. 

Such a beautiful colour - Tanya Burr New York Night 

If you look closely at this photo you can see where this Nail Polish has Chipped this photo was taken a Couple of Days after I did my Manicure. 

Have you tried any of these Tanya Burr Nail Polishes Yet? 

Would love to hear your thoughts ?