Friday 11 September 2015

Blogging The Essential Guide By Antonia Chitty & Erica Douglas Review

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Hope you are well and are having a wonderful day. 

I wanted to Read a book on Blogging to see if I can pick up some tips most of the things that was in the book I already knew about as I had been blogging for 5 Months and you pick things up as you go. 

This book is very good if your new to Blogging it teaches you about the Different Blogging Platforms you can use like Wordpress and Blogger. 
I personally have used both these platforms I started off with Wordpress because I was told this was the best platform to use I don't agree. 

I wanted to choose a Custom Template for my Blog and the ones you can buy off Wordpress are really expensive and I didn't like any of them. 
Then I heard the Etsy Store sold Pre-made Templates  but your Wordpress needs to be self hosted and to do that you have to pay a year in Advance with the self hosting companies I looked into so that wasn't for me. 

I still had my blogger Account open and the Etsy Store also sold Templates for Blogger which was a lot Cheaper so I decided to do that instead. 

The only issue I had was I had about 250 Followers on Bloglovin and I didn't want to lose them Bloglovin said it would not be an issue and that as soon as I had set up my new blog the way I wanted to contact them which I did and I had to wait about 4 weeks for my followers to be Transferred Over. 
I wrote Bloglovin a few emails and they didn't contact me so I wasn't sure if they would Transfer my Followers to my new Bloglovin Account. 

In the end Bloglovin did transfer my Followers it was just a bit of a ordeal changing my account details over. 

I would definitely recommend Blogger over Wordpress it's just so much Simpler to use. 

Back to the review of the book.....

As I was saying its a really great book for beginners to the blogging community because it teaches you everything you need to know from Blogging Basics to Writing A Blog for Profit. 

Here is some of the things that this book covers . 

*Blogging Basics
*Starting A Blog 
*Basic Skills And Concepts
*Comtent For Your Blog
*Community and Blogging 
*Style and Structure
*The Law
*From Blogs To E-Books
*Social Media
*Writing A Blog For Profit 

What I really like about this Book is that every chapter it sums the Whole Chapter that you have just Read and also there is a Checklist to make sure that you have understood everything that you have Read. 

There is a lot of content in this book not just for beginners I don't see myself as a beginner I was probably somewhere in the middle this book has taught me quite a lot of things that I didn't know already. The Style and Structure of this blog is worth a read and the section on social media and community and blogging I enjoyed both those sections. 

I would definitely recommend this book it's very easy reading and is not very technical 

Thanks For Reading