Saturday 15 August 2015

Spring/Summer BarryM Nail Paint Collection

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Hope your enjoying your weekend so far....

For those of you that have been reading my blog you will know that I love Nail Polish and BarryM is one of my Favourite Brands so I thought I would share my Spring/Summer Collection :-).

Today I thought I would share and talk about my BarryM Nail Paint Collection these are some of my Favourite Nail Polishes not just for Spring/Summer but I have been known to wear some of these Bright Colours in the Winter when I am feeling a bit down and want something to make me feel a little bit better.

 I thought I would do some Swatches of these Beautiful BarryM Nail Paints so you can see the true colours of them.

Firstly we have the BarryM Gelly Colours I do have more colours in the BarryM Gelly Range but they are more Winter colour.

I love both these colours the Papaya - 325 reminds me of Summer so much I don't know I have spelt the second colour right because some of the lettering had faded but I think it's called Guaya - 318 I think this is a really pretty Teal colour....

Next we have the Limited Edition Colours which are Super Pretty firstly we have the gorgeous Textured Yellow with Specks of Glitter running through it, it's so nice and a lovely colour to wear through the Spring & Summer Months. This colour is called Station Road - 304

Another Textured Colour that I have is this lovely Baby Blue colour which is really pretty and that is called Atlantic Road - 316

I have had those Textured Nail Paints for awhile now at least a year they were part of the Limited Edition Collection that BarryM did I am not sure that you can still buy these maybe the likes of Amazon or Ebay will sell them.
Because these Nail Paints are Textured there not smooth on the Nails which is not to everyone's Tastes I painted my Mum's Nails and she hated how it felt on her Nails and had to take it straight off because it felt too rough :-).
So if you like nice Smooth Nails maybe these aren't for you.

Next in the Limited Edition Collection is this beautiful Confetti Nail Paint it's more of a Top Coat though as it's Transparent in the colour with the Mint Green and Yellow Confetti inside this looks really nice over a pale Nail Polish like White as it shows both colours off. The colour of this Confetti Nail Paint is called Sour Apple (there is no number) I really do like this.

Then last but not least we have this gorgeous Bright Pink colour which looks great in the Summer especially if you have a lovely Tan there is no colour on the bottle which is strange but the Number is 321 and you can tell the difference between the other BarryM Nail Paints as this Bottle has a lovely Zebra Print on the Bottle Top which I just love.

Next we have the Newest Colours in my BarryM Spring/Summer Collection and they are the BarryM Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paints. 
I love all these colours I think they are the Perfect Colours for Spring/summer they are in the colours Eat My Dust - 515 which is a gorgeous Baby Blue. 
Then we have Road Rage - 506 which is a gorgeous Mint Green Colour which is my Favourite Colour I really love this colour.
Last but not least I don't have any Baby Pinks in my Collection and saw that BarryM did this one in their Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paints it's called Kiss Me Quick - 507 another lovely colour.
I think these Nail Paints are my Favourites because they dry in next to no time at all and BarryM even though they are fairly new have brought out a lot of colours in this range so I would definitely get more in the future.

Finally we have just the Normal BarryM Nail Paints that I have in my collection these are definitely some of my favourite colours.

Firstly we have the colour Blue Moon - 317 which is another Baby Blue colour I didn't realise I had so many Baby Blue Nail Paints in my Collection. I love this colour though.
Then we have another colour that I love Mint Green - 304 another one of my Favourite Nail Paints.
Next we have a gorgeous Berry Colour which is called Berry- 308 what I like about this colour is you can wear it for Summer or Winter. 
Next is a gorgeous Shocking Pink - 272 Colour another great colour for Spring/Summer such a Stunning Colour. 
Then we have another Pink which is called Pink Flamingo - 205 which is another Bright Pink Colour. 
Last but certainly not least is this gorgeous Green Nail Paint which is called Spring Green- 290 I haven't worn this colour yet this Summer but I gave my mum a Manicure a few weeks back using this and her Nails looked lovely.

I have also added a Rimmel Rita Ora in Bestival Blue because I have been wearing this colour a lot over the Summer and it looks Amazing on the Nails this is another Favourite of mine :-).

                                         Look at all the gorgeous colours :-)

I love these Disney Emery Boards from Primark I got them last year I think so I don't know If they still sell these particular ones I have seen some similar I think you get 5 in a Pack for £1.50 which is very Reasonable :-).

  Hope you liked reading my thoughts on my collection?