Wednesday 12 August 2015

Ciate Cavier Mini Bar Vol 2 First Impression Review

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I'm having trouble sleepimg tonight so I thought I would do a review on this Ciate Cavier Mini Bar Vol 2 well it's more of a First Impression as I don't feel I have used it enough to give a Full Review yet.

I was just so excited to Share my thoughts on this gorgeous Nail Set by Ciate I've never used any of the Ciate Nail Polishes before so I thought I'd give these Mini's a try. 

 I love the Presentation Box that these little Mini Nail Polishes came in it's just so cute isn't it?
 So inside the box as you can see you get the colours Snow Virgin (which is a really pretty White. A really nice Pastel Pink called Fun Fair. A really pretty Pale Blue/Mint Green called Ferris Wheel. 
Last but not least a gorgeous Red called Mistress

In the box you also get matching Cavier for each of the Nail Polishes with Snow Virgin the matching Cavier is this really pretty Front Row. 
I love it there are Black Pearls, White Pearls and Pink and White Sequins in it.

The matching Cavier for Fun Fair is called Fatal Attraction it looks so nice over the Fun Fair colour. lovely pink pearls. 

The colour that matches Ferris Wheel which is the really pretty Pale Blue/ Mint Green colour comes with Stick Or Twist which like the Front Row Cavier is very similar in the fact that it has Teal Blue pearls, White Pearls and Silver Sequins. 
I love it, it's so pretty there is not one nail polish in this set that I don't like. 

Finally the matching Cavier for Mistress which is the most Stunning Red comes with a Cavier called Wild Fire again this is so pretty with the Red and Silver Cavier. 

You get a Tray with this Ciate Cavier Mini Bar Nail Set and a Funnel the Tray is to put the Cavier on and if it any of the Cavier falls it can just be put through the Funnel and back in the bottle it came out of. 

This is just a picture I really liked it comes with the Instructions I think it looks really nice. It's a nice little illustration. 

I couldn't decide what Colour to use so I decided to use them all I am really Happy with the Results. 

I would definitely Recommend these Ciate Cavier Nail Polishes If you have not tried them already. 

They are really easy to use firstly you just put on a Clear Base Coat then put on the Nail Polish you want One Coat once that has fully Dried apply your second coat this time don't wait for it to dry do one nail at a time with the Cavier once you have added the Cavier to the Nail press on the Cavier Beads so they are Secure once that has been done you can apply a Top Coat to make it last longer on your Nails. 

So this is my first impression on the Ciate Cavier Mini Bar Vol 2

Have you tried Ciate Cavier yet??