Wednesday 26 August 2015

Review On Colorfy App

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I am really quite excited about writing this post this is an App that you can get for your Iphone and I believe you can get it for Android as well.

I have known that WHSMITH'S do Colouring Books like this for Adults which are kind of Pricey I have just checked on the website and have found one that isn't that Pricey £6.06 last time I checked they were over £10 which I think is quite high when all said and done it's just a Coloring Book. 

Here is the link for a physical one at WHSMITHS if you don't want to download the App onto your phone.

WHSMITHS - Colouring Book For Adults

I didn't even know these Apps existed then I came across a Blog Unicorn Mummy and I will be honest at first I only checked the Blog out because I was fascinated by the name and what would be on her Blog. I just Love Unicorns So much so I went and read some of Unicorn Mummy's Blog and came across a Review on this App Colorfy. 

I am going to leave the link to her blog down below it really is a lovely blog
 UnIcorn Mummy Blog

I have had some real fun with this Colorfy App on my blog I have always found Colouring/Art very therapeutic it just sucks that I am not much of an Artist....

With this app though you can be as creative as you like and be an Artist....

I like the fact that there are Simple Designs so children can have a go as well (My five year old niece loved it) and then there are the more complicated Designs. 

I haven't done that many because I only Downloaded this app I think it was around Monday Or Tuesday last week.

So Here are some of the designs that you can expect to find.
I have only done the Floral one's so far and you have a choice
of Animals, Famous Paintings, Mandala's Oriental, Exotic you certainly
get a lot of choice and they are going to post more content soon.
It would be so cool if they did a Section on Unicorns & Mythical Creatures
and Maybe Mermaids and Sea Creatures.....

So this was the First Design that I came across I love Birds so much and I knew I
could be  Creative with the Birds and the Flowers and I was so happy with the Result
It turned out very Colorful... I love it It took quite a long time to do this I did it over a few days
as there was just so much Detail Involved.....

This is a Simpler Design I love that it didn't take that much
time to do and I love how it turned out and the Black Background Just makes
all the Colors Pop
So far these are the only designs I have done on the Colorfy App I think I will try the Animals Design next. 
I upload them to Instagram so why not follow my Instagram the link for my instagram is on the front of my blog but I will also post it down below....

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When I have a few more designs I will probably post to Pinterest as I have started using that again, My pinterest is on the front of my blog but if you just want to click my link and check it out I will leave the link down below.

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As Always Thank You So Much For Reading Means So Much To Me....

Have you tried this Colorfy App If not why not go and check it out I'd love to see the designs that you create.