Thursday 16 July 2015

Travel Make-Up Palettes

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are all well,

Today I thought I would share my Favourite Travel Make-Up Palettes with you.....

  I love this Cargo Quad Make-Up Palette it really reminds me of M.A.C Cinderella Palette the colours are very similar to this Cargo Palette.

M.A.C Eye Shadow Palettes are more expensive then Cargo Palettes too when I so this Cargo Palette I didn't know a great deal about the brand.

I just really liked the colours and the look of the Palette. I bought this Palette from TK MAXX I love it in there you always find great Bargains especially around Christmas. 

The eyeshadows go on like butter there AMAZING!!!

I remember seeing this in TK MAXX and was quite disappointed as someone had opened the Packaging and Tried one of the eyeshadow which I explained when I got to the counter and they said that they could not sell it to me if someone had tested it. I said I would take it at a Discounted Price the sales assistant spoke to the Manager and because I was buying a few other things the Manager said that I could take the Palette for free which I was very Surprised at...

 This Essence Palette is such a gorgeous Palette and so Cheap I bought it from Wilko and I've only just started using it in all honesty.
The Colours I have been using to get a really nice Smokey eye are the end two they are such a nice Combination together then the Pale white at the top makes a really pretty Hi-lighter....

 This is another Favourite of mine this Palette Is really handy to put in your Make-Up Bag Inside your Handbag. 

This Palette has everything  you need a Eye Primer, Hi-lighter, A lovely brown Matte colour a shimmer and a lovely gold if you want to add some Sparkle to your look. If you do want to add some Sparkle you need to be Careful as with the Gold Eyeshadow there is a lot of fall out. I would definitely get some more of these Palettes they are Great Value For Money.....

 This is a good Palette to get that Smokey Eye Look and like in the Revlon Palette you get everything you will need and they have these Palettes for all eye colours which I think is great.
I love the Middle Brown Colour in this Palette it's such a nice Neutral Colour perfect for me....

  I got this Myleene Klass Palette for Christmas and I have not used it yet so I can't give you a review on it yet but the Colours are simply stunning. 
It's definitely my kind of eyeshadow palette with the Neutral colours as soon as I have used this I will do a review and let you know my thoughts.
I love the Leopard Print Packaging of this Eye-Shadow Palette.....

 I love this Collection Eyeshadow Palette it's a replica of Urban Decay's Naked Palettes such beautiful colours .
I haven't really used this Palette either it's fairly new.....

Lastly my mum got me this eye shadow palette from the Avon I think the colours are Gorgeous I got this for my birthday and I still have to use it.
I am using a lot of my make-up that I got last Christmas my Urban Decay Smoked Palette and Too Faced Chocolate Bar and more recently the Essence Palette that I spoke about earlier which I am absolutely loving.

What is your favourite Travel Make-Up Palette?