Thursday 23 July 2015

Review On All About Nude Essence Palette

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are all well,

I have been wanting to do this review now since I bought this All About Nudes Essence Palettes but since christmas I have been using Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (which I am just in love with and I have also been using) Urban Decay Smoked Palette. 

I am not sure how long I have had this Essence all about nudes palette for but I got it before christmas but never used it.
For the last few weeks it's all i've been using it's such a gorgeous Versatile Palette to use and it suits everyone's Budget...

This Palette comes with 6 Eyeshadows and there all such Beautiful Colours I have been using the bottom 3 colours they give a really nice Smoky eye. 
I think this palette is especially good if you have Blue Eyes I have quite Blue Eyes anyway but it makes my eyes look even Bluer by using these Colours at the bottom.
For a Drug store Palette this is very Good Quality in my opinion the Texture isn't Chalky it's not a match for Too Faced or Urban Decay where there Eye Shadows are like Butter and just Glide on either but you wouldn't expect that as it's only £3.49. 
The Eye shadows from this All About Nude Palette go on very smooth there is hardly any Fall Out when you apply the Shadows which is another good thing about this Palette. 

I really only have Positive things to say about this Palette I absolutely love it, It's a good size so you can Travel with it, It's good to put in your Make-Up Bag if you take a Make-Up Bag in your Handbag If not it's small enough to go in the side pocket of your handbag....
If I was to be picky the only Negative thing I would have to say about this Palette is that the White Pearlescent colour at the top which is supposed to act as a Hi-lighter I am not a fan of it as it's not Shimmery enough for me.

I like my Hi-lighter to be really Shimmery to give me that Luminescent look but not everyone is going to feel the way I do and it's such a small thing.

The Hi-lighter that I love is in my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette they have put a Shimmer Hi-lighter in there and a Matte one for People that don't like to use Shimmer. 

At the moment if a Friend or Family Member wanted a new eyeshadow Palette and they was on a Budget this would be the First Palette that I would Recommend It's a Great Price, Great Quality and you also get Quite a lot of product in each eyeshadow. 

This all about nude palette retails at £3.49 from wilko you can also buy online if you do not have a wilko nearby here is the link to buy this palette from wilko
The Colours that I have been using the most are the end 2 like a Mauve Brown and a Plum colour gives a gorgeous smoky eye. 
I have also been experimenting with the Lightest colour on the bottom row and the end Plum Colour and that also gives a really nice subtle smoky eye for daytime.....

I have had a look on the Wilko Website and Essence have brought out 2 more of these Palettes since I bought this one. 

There is Essence All About Chocolates which looks lovely I am going to Insert photos which have come from Wilko Website for you to look at as I don't have these Palettes. 

How gorgeous does this palette look I will have to see if I can hunt this one down this is also £3.50

Then there is a Palette that I think Essence have just brought out for Spring/Summer correct me if I'm wrong. 

This is also a gorgeous palette isn't it this palette is £3.50 so it's 1p more and I guess that is because it's newer. 

I didn't think I would like this All About Romance Palette but on second glance I really like it, it's really Versatile you have the Bright Summer Colours which are the mint green and the pinks and then you have a couple of more Neutral Colours so this is a good Palette to buy I think. 

Have you bought any of these Essence Palettes? 
If so what are your thoughts on them?