Sunday 14 June 2015

Summer Essentials

Hello Lovelies, 

This is a post that I have written about previously but there was a technical problem on my blog and somehow the photos got removed and I had to remove the actual post so I have to do it for the third time which is annoying..... Hopefully this will be the last time.

Here are some of my summer essentials that I just cannot wait to start to wear again that's if they fit of course I have lost so much weight this past year due to circumstances that are beyond my control. 

I love this dress so much that I will get it taken in if it doesn't fit me anymore. 

Here are the photos....

I just love this dress it is my favourite and probably the cheapest purchase that I  have ever made. The story behind this dress was that I needed a really nice dress for a wedding in
Santorini, Greece nearly two years ago (wow how time flies)
 I had looked around in shops like debenhams, next and bhs where traditionally they sell really nice wedding outfits. Don't get me wrong they did have some nice outfits but they just  wasn't what I was looking for the material was just too thick and I knew that the weather would be really hot so I needed a dress with thin material.
 I was getting frustrated and then a couple of days later my mum came to visit me and she wanted to go to Primark and that is when I saw this lovely dress I really liked it instantly and just hoped that they had my size and luckily they did it was the last one. 
Originally this dress should have been £20.00 but because it was coming to the end of summer it had been reduced to £5.00 I could not believe it and It has been a favourite ever since. I think I have only worn it once since my friends wedding but hopefully I will get to wear it a little bit more this summer if it still fits me. I would have paid RRP of £20.00 for this dress as all the other dresses I looked at were between £80-100 which I really didn't want to pay and also I wanted a dress that I could wear again and this just ticked all the boxes. 

I just love all the colours in this dress it reminds me of summer with  all the blue's greens and yellows running through it.

This dress looks gorgeous with this green blazer over the top for the cooler nights in the summer. The jacket was also from Primark bought around the similar time I think. I have gotten so much wear out of this blazer and it was another item in the sale I think it was £7 when I bought it which was a bargain.

So here I am at Santo Winery where my friends got married it was such a lovely day it was baking so hot we actually went in September you would think it would have gotten cooler by then that wasn't the case at all .
 I actually felt sorry for the guys in their suits they must have been so hot and the bride in her dress she looked hot. Anyway we got to try about 10 different wines and 10 different cheeses then we watched the sun go down and went out for dinner and cocktails. 
I would definitely go back to Santorini again it's such a nice place to visit and the people are lovely. The only thing I didn't like is I got attacked by mosquitos but that happens to me where ever I go they must like my blood but it's hell when they attack. 
Next time I travel I will be taking mosquito repellant and mosquito plugs and hopefully that will keep them at bay. 

Here I am outside my friends apartment before we all went to Santos Winery that bolero I don't think I have it anymore but it was the perfect accessorie to wear over the top of my dress because it was so light. The necklace is in my favourite statement necklaces I must have purchased it to go with this dress for the wedding I forgot about that. 

I love these shoes for summer I bought them for my sisters 40th Party last year and didn't end up wearing them because the weather was awful it was raining. I was going to wear them with that dress that I bought for my friends wedding they look so nice together. So I was quite disappointed when I had to rethink my outfit. 

Another favourite summer essential has got to be this shirt that I recently got from Primark I have worn it so many times already. 
I've definitely got my money's worth out of it so far it cost £9.00 which is a bargain I think. Such a lovely pastel peach colour then on the arms which you can't really see  there like a beige brown colour which you would think would not go well at all but it goes really well together then the white collar really sets it off and you can put your favourite statement necklace underneath the collar. This is my favourite statement necklace I have had it over a year now and it is from Primark as well. The accessories that they sell in Primark are just gorgeous.
Also the floral headband I am wearing in this photo is a perfect accessorie  to stop your hair from getting in your face and looks really nice on this is another item from Primark there is a recurring theme here isn't there it's like I only shop at Primark they just have the best bargains and it's a great place to shop if you are on a budget.  

Another summer essential for me is summer nail polish and I absolutely love these Barry M Speedy Nail Paints  I got them in the colours Eat My Dust which is the really pretty lavender colour this is definitely my favourite of the two and the other is called Road Rage. I will be doing a review on these Barry M Nail Paints very soon so look out for that in an upcoming post. 

I absolutely love this bag it's the perfect essential for summer I think and I have done a post already on this so I'm not going to go into too much detail on the bag here except that I love it and like I said in the post the only negative is that I don't like that it has no fastening and potentially you could lose your things if your not careful. 
I would only use this handbag to do my everyday things I wouldn't take it out with me if I was going out of an evening 
 A it's too big and B people could just reach into your bag and take your things out. A friend of mine had that happen to her once she lost everything her camera her wallet and it's just not worth it. 
 This bag also makes a really nice bag to go to the beach. I think it's perfect for the summer months and best of all, all my favourite colours are in this bag. I just love it. 

I needed a pair of reasonably priced flat shoes I think these are the cheapest shoes that Primark sell they might not be everyones cup of tea but a couple of years ago I got some in a really nice fuschia pink which I have only recently thrown out because I had worn them to death. 
I really love this lavender colour and it goes so well with Eat My Dust Nail Paint by Barry M