Saturday 20 June 2015

My Favourite TV Shows

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are all having a nice weekend.

I thought I would do a post that wasn't Make-Up or Beauty related I wanted to share you with my favourite TV Programmes.

1. Pretty Little Liars Is my all time favourite show when I first watched it, it was one of those shows it took me awhile to get into but now that I am have I am so addicted.
I am so glad Season Six has aired on Netflix. 
I am not sure if you watched it this week I watched it last night and I was on edge when it ended I am not going to spoil it for anyone but I was like OMG now I have to wait another week and you are literally like this every episode just when you think you have Pretty Little Liars all figured out you realise you really don't.
Unless you have been watching spoilers or reading about it online which I really don't like to do I like each episode to surprise me.

2. Once Upon A Time - It was a tough decision between Pretty Little Liars and Once Upon A Time this is another favourite show of mine. Every time I watch it, It takes me back to the story's that I liked to read when I was a little girl.

It reminds me of when I first went to Disneyland of how I felt when I saw the Princess Castle and all the Disney Characters I was back in my childhood again.

So as Once Upon A Time suggests in the title this show is about Childhood Stories but is more of an adult quite dark version of the stories that we read when we was younger.

I loved it when they brought Anna and Elsa in the show from Frozen I absolutely love Frozen so It was such a good idea for them to bring Frozen into the show.

As far as favourite characters go in the beginning of me watching Once Upon A Time I really didn't like Regina she was just so nasty and so I was rooting for Emma. 
Good against Evil everyone likes Good to trump Evil it was when Regina has turned her life around and met Robin Hood and is so determined to give herself a Happy Ending it's just so lovely to watch and it's nice that she is not so alienated anymore and that she has been accepted by everyone in storybrooke because they can see how hard she is trying .

I would also like to watch Once Upon A Wonderland this has not really been advertised as much but as it's a spin off of the show I would like to watch at least a couple of episodes to see what it's like and I have always liked Alice In Wonderland

3. The Originals - I love The Originals ever since the characters Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah were introduced to the Vampire Diaries. 
This is a spin off of Vampire Diaries and I didn't think I would like it as much but I actually like it better then I like Vampire Diaries.

The Originals I guess is more for Adults whereas Vampire Diaries is more for Teens. 
I love all the characters from this show it's been cast so well but my favourite character is Rebekah and I love Klaus too.
I need to catch up with Season Two this is also on Netflix 

4. Revenge - This show is Amazing I probably should have put this as my second favourite show . I was hooked on this show from the very First Season. 
It's a lot like Pretty Little Liars it has a lot of Twists and Turns in the show you are constantly trying to guess what is going to happen next.
The Actress who plays Emily/Amanda who is also called Emily Vancamp she is plays this role Brilliantly. 
I also thought the actress that played Victoria Grayson was great Madeline Stowe together her and Emily Vancamp was absolutely Phonemenal If you have not watched this show I Reccomend it Highly....

The following shows I am going to talk about are my favourite reality shows.....

5. Keeping Up With The Kardashians - Keeping Up With The Kardashians was the first reality show I watched and I have been watching it ever since.
I just love this show to pieces while most people like Kim Or Courtney Chloe has been a Favourite of mine from Day One. 
I can relate to Chloe a lot more then I can Kym and Courtney, Chloe Is just so Down to Earth and she just seems like such a lovely person.

Believe it or not as much as I love this show I am not up to date with it yet so this is another show that I need to catch up with.
There are so many shows that I like I can't possibly keep up to date with them all.

6. Made In Chelsea - Made In Chelsea and The only way is Essex (TOWIE) aired roughly about the the same time.

I watched The Only Way Is Essex first and I was a really big fan and still to this day I am huge fan of TOWIE but in my opinion Made In Chelsea is that much Better. 

It's nice to see how the rich live even though it does make me slightly envious they get to do so many things that we wouldn't get to do that must be so nice.

The characters have been in the show from day one which I really like Spencer really makes me laugh he's such a ladies man and at the moment he has a girlfriend in the show trying to act like such a reformed character but that won't last long.
While Spencer has been in the show he has had a lot of girlfriends and they have all ended the same way by him Cheating. 

My favourite Character is Binky from the show she is the most Down to Earth even though in the last few seasons she has been more argumentative then she was in the beginning of the show which is quite annoying it feels like this is all for show.

7. The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) - I really do like this show but don't think it's as good as it once was since the original characters left like Amy Childs, Sam Faiers and of course Mark Wright they were my favourite characters.
I don't think the show is quite the same since they left thank heavens that Jess Wright and Gemma Collins are still in it.

The Only Way Is Marbs has recently aired on ITV I think this was last week and I still need to catch up with this.

8. Big Brother Timebomb - This is probably the only reality show I am up to date with I watch it every night with my mum.
I normally watch Big Brother every year when it's on but my favourite is definitely the Celebrity version of Big Brother I like to see what Celebrities go into the house and how they will react to the conditions they Face. 

Anyway back to Big Brother Timebomb the first few days of this being on I thought it was pretty boring and I wasn't going to watch the rest of it this year but then It got interesting when some of the house mates got replaced and I have been watching it ever since.

I then like to watch Big Brother Bit On The Side I love Rylan and have done since his X-Factor days when he auditioned on the show.

I think he is Excellent and Presents Big Brother Bit On The Side really well and is so funny.

What are your favourite shows ?